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Published on August 13th, 2018 | by Jason Bourne


Media Stop: Get to Know the brains behind The 8 Ball Hour, Rose Porter

A Bangor, Maine native whose 8 Ball Hour is one of the prominent shows on Glocawear Radio (broadcasting Mondays 8PM) as a premiere support of independent artists and entrepreneurs worldwide. In addition, Rose Porter is at the helm of Philly Hott Radio (Fridays 7PM) and has a collaborative venture with media brand HHPOV based in New York City.   A descendant of true lovers of music, Rose Porter’s introduction into radio was via her father’s work spinning classic music from Nat King Cole, Glenn Miller Orchestra, Joni James, and Benny Goodman on air in her hometown.

At age 15, Rose had the ambition to step out on her own to build a resume in radio broadcasting. Seeking intern opportunities, she landed a paying gig as a board op on a syndicated series called Casey’s Top 40 via WBZN 107.3FM. After 3 years, at age 19, she took her talents to the city of Brotherly Love.   In the early 2000s Rose put in major footwork around the Philly nightlife scene cementing her relationship with DJs, promoters, patrons and more.

“I not only came from a small town so everything was new and exciting! I mean where else could a 19 year old get in a club at 3am, drink and go out to eat at 5am? I got to sit in the DJ booths and play with the lights and music and watch the local celebrities, known mobsters and Philadelphia music legends come in. I had my taste of the scene. In the early 2000s was what I’d call the end of the Philly Club scene.”

After a short hiatus, Casey returned in 2012 with a renewed interest in music and took her business relationships by the horns and applied them to promotions, management and other facets of artist development. Midway through the year an opportunity to join HeavyFootage215 on PSMG Radio arose and eventually Rosie would launch her own show The 8 Ball Hour on Glocawear radio alongside Joe Stassi. History is being made week after week as The 8 Ball Hour X The RPX is recognized and honored for the platform it offers to independent creators.

Be sure to tune in every Monday @ 8PM. Follow @TheRPX  / @Glocawear

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