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Published on April 3rd, 2019 | by Guest Editor


Follow EDM Artists Buza and Eric Remy “Into The Fire”

EDM artists Buza and Eric Remy release their new track “Into the Fire” today. The track incorporates finely crafted beats that will have audiences dancing and head-banging, whether it’s in the crowd at a music festival or in the privacy of their own home. The song’s impactful lyrics emphasize the journey of surviving when “days are dark” and the idea that everybody needs someone to connect with. It features the artist Drone whose vocal ability and power complement the beat of the adrenaline-fueled track.

“Into the Fire” exemplifies the result of what can happen when two talented and hardworking artists in the industry collaborate. Buza and Remy’s unique ability to engage audiences with their music’s intensity offers EDM fans a song to connect with. Buza’s drum-playing abilities shine through as the track maintains a steady underlying heartbeat. The track takes listeners on a journey as it builds from a slower pace to an ultimate beat drop that is exciting and dynamic.

South Florida-born and current Las Vegas resident DJ Buza worked alongside multi-faceted artist, producer, and performer Eric Remy to hone in on their enthusiastic and captivating styles. Fans can find Buza performing his remixes and originals in multiple venues from club sets to high-profile festivals. He has opened for artists such as Migos, Sean Paul, Travis Porter, Vanilla Ice, and many more.

Also a Las Vegas resident, Eric Remy has mastered the turntables and has said to be influenced by artists such as Tiesto, Steve Aoki, and Calvin Harris as well as Led Zeppelin and Iron Maiden. Remy has shared the stage with other iconic artists such as Skrillex, Jauz, Brillz, and more. He has been pursuing music for over 12 years and said his main goal is to help audiences leave their worries behind and enjoy life.

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