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Published on April 29th, 2019 | by Guest Contributor


The First Openly LGBTQIA+ Artist from India, Pragya Pallavi, Releases ‘Mama I Need You’

Danceable and yet musically ground-breaking, relevant and original, “Mama I Need You,” is the fourth single from Indian Lesbian Singer-Songwriter Pragya Pallavi’s forthcoming album “Queerism”.  It’s a track with equal potential to move your heart as much as your feet – and tells the impassioned story of a gay person’s plea for acceptance from her mother.

“Mama I Need You” combines elements of western pop, EDM and soul with Indian classical music for a gorgeous and mesmerising depiction of the emotional struggles of LGBT+ people and their families. The song blends reggaeton-style drum rhythms with Pragya’s Hindustani alaap vocalisations and a stunning Carnatic style violin riffs. Indian National Award and Filmfare Award-winning sound engineer K.J. Singh has mixed this track, which was co-produced by Deejey Lolly, K.J. Singh, and Pragya. The song was composed and arranged by Pragya, with lyrics by Dena Gorilik, a Russian-American poet, composer and singer-songwriter.

“Mama I Need You,” is the musical narration of a queer person coming out to her mother. It gives voice to the experience of LGBT+ people across the globe who grapple with family and social rejection and who hope for, and sometimes receive, acceptance and reconciliation. The accompanying lyrics video, also released on April 26, features rainbow colours and LGBT symbolism. This danceable and infectious track is also a useful focal point for highlighting and discussing the need for family support for queer and trans people.

About Queerism:

“Mama I Need You” is the fourth single from Pragya’s upcoming album, “Queerism.”  The album, which is dedicated to LGBTQI+ communities in India and all over the world, is slated for release on May 17, the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia.

The 9-track album will feature songs in English and Hindi, in a variety of styles including disco and EDM, hip-hop and jazz soul, Indian-fusion, funk, and dancehall. Queerism is the first album by an openly queer artist to be released from India since the historic 377 verdict in October 2018.

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