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Published on May 1st, 2019 | by The Rap Hippies


Denver Gets Lifted

Just wanted to start this off by saying Denver was f**king awesome! For our first time out in Colorado, The Rap Hippies really got shown so much love. As ya’ll know, we love our fair share of festivals and try our best to stay tapped into any and all that promote the culture of real hip-hop. From dope artists, to hosts and even promoters in any city, we crate dig for authenticity; so being in a city like Denver, we were excited to see what they had to offer. 

Over the 4/20 weekend, we were finally able to fly out and get a first-hand look at the Joints and Jawns Music Festival, sponsored by RM3 Colorado. Hosted by Ali Divine, the “Good Vibes” were there as soon as we walked into Truth Lounge in downtown Denver. Everyone in attendance had their own swag and steez, making it easy for us to fit right in . It was dope to see all these different types of people come together and support their local talent, while still building new connects with those who weren’t from the city. The promoters, managers and fans were all key players in making sure that this went off without a hitch!

As far as the artists, the whole weekends roster really put us into a groove of seeing how Denver puts on for their own. Each performance we watched had so much love shown. Since these performers are just putting themselves on, it was definitely interesting to see how much crowd control a lot of them already had. Stage presence is one of the most critical things for an artist to master, and many of them already brought that energy. For each, we could tell that this festival was one to be very supportive in seasons to come.image.gif

Since we were apart of the sponsors for this event, it was only right that we tapped in with some of the others to get their feel on this music festival. La Familia and Versa Style Music Collective are just a few that were able to sit down and rap with us about their roles and goals in a festival like this. We discussed what hip-hop personally meant to them, Denver’s Hip Hop culture and how they see Joints and Jawns branching off in the future. Definitely enjoyed being able to explore different views from other hip-hop enthusiasts.  We also got some exclusive interviews from artists like Hanzo The Phantom, Megatron, Dante That Guy and more. We were really eager for these because  they were able to give us an in-depth look at the Denver music scene from an artist standpoint. It was interesting to see how the dynamic is similar to those up and coming artists we see in Atlanta.

Towards the end of our trip, we found ourselves getting love from another popular platform in Denver, Dojamain. He is the host of a show Headklap Radio, which airs through the University of Colorado Denver’s campus. He spoke with us about the industry, our roles as a media collective, the future of hip-hop, and major collaborations that can help artists in Denver, as well as Atlanta, prosper in the future. Super dope and nostalgic for us because we were born from radio! 


Big shout out to everyone that was apart of showing us an abundance of love. We definitely appreciate the time and effort put in to make sure we were able to experience Denver and its full potential. We will for sure be making our way out there again for this festival.


Make sure y’all check out these artists putting Denver on the map: 
Hoss LB Grind
Dre Lane
Hanzo The Phantom
Lil’ Bad
Ave Grim
La Familia
Connor Ray
She Who Won’t Be Named
Paisha Love
Myell Westcoast

Dante ThatGuy

Nero QuarterMill

Paul Junior

Young Moses

Joel June

Canary Cheez


Leona Harper

Danae Simone

Doobie Newton








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