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Published on May 19th, 2019 | by Guest Editor


Introducing Hakeem Kamara

Hakeem Kamara is a conscious upcoming artist that is maneuvering through the music industry on his own terms. Starting at the ripe age of 8; Hakeem’s passion for music was ignited through his first written verse at his family’s home daycare. Originating from the streets of Alexandria, VA; Hakeem’s music diverts from his heart and soul. Hakeem’s daily inspirations are stemmed from iconic figures such as  J.Cole, Stokely Carmichael, Malcolm X and Wale.

Hakeem makes it his mission to create a music rapport past the typical theme of drugs, money and sex. Hakeem brings awareness to the daily struggles of African Americans throughout his musical endeavors. As a storyteller, Hakeem draws vivid pictures of his life through his lyrics. Hakeem’s first single ” Too Late” gained recognition through radio stations such as DC’s WKYS; speaking of the daily fears African American men face while living in the reality of a minority in America.

Hakeem’s new video ‘Numb’ chronicles an unfathomable day where he is arrested, but ends up connecting with the police officer in order to escape. The comical video is a light play that doesn’t become any less enjoyable when juxtaposed to the serious nature of Hakeem’s lyrics. Throughout the song he expresses his deep dissent for the current political climate and his role in it. Lines like “went to court with PD, nigga wasn’t defending ya so now you gotta plea-e or jury gonna finish ya” highlight the personal nature of the perspective from which Hakeem tells this story. The politically-charged verses are each followed with a light-hearted hook in which Hakeem repeatedly expresses his desire to “go numb” and relieve the pain of his everyday reality. “Numb” is a 4/20 song that you can smoke a jay to, that’s a fact. Whether you choose to vibe out and enjoy the melody or listen to the lyrics and think about reality, or both, is completely up to you.

As an inspiring philanthropist; Hakeem hopes to influence current and future generations to be more aware of what is going on in the world today. Hakeem believes in having education to be as accessible for all to enjoy a prime education as well as making school cool again. Overall, Hakeem wants to use
his story as a catalyst for growth in others.

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Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNyVK_uRz0RP2go6p68WJKQ

Instagram: @princehakeem



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