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Published on June 28th, 2019 | by Guest Editor


Did Robert Mueller Ignore Key F.B.I. Findings On Biggie Smalls Killing?

A book RELEASED THIS WEEK featuring “Tupac Assassination: Battle for Compton” director, reveals shocking new claims that the former F.B.I. Director and  Trump Special Counsel Robert Mueller having been copied on F.B.I. correspondence in the unsolved 1997 Christopher “Biggie Smalls” Wallace killing.  

A new book released this week, Dead Wrong, by Randall Sullivan, sheds new and shocking claims that the Wallace case was being followed by the F.B.I. at “the highest levels of the Bureau.”

Acknowledging the work on the Tupac Shakur case (who was gunned down just months before Wallace was killed) as well as the later work by “Tupac:187” and “Tupac Assassination” writer and director Richard “RJ” Bond, “Dead Wrong” author Randall Sullivan, former Rolling Stone writer and author of the best selling “The Curse of Oak Island” said Bond was a “dogged and resourceful investigator who was turning up facts no one else had found.”

But Sullivan had found his own facts that should shock the world: former F.B.I. agent Phil Carson, who worked the Wallace case (which many believe was linked to the Tupac case) allegedly has emails that prove that none other than Trump Investigation Special Counsel Robert Mueller (then F.B.I. director) was being debriefed as to the status of the Carson investigation- which alleged possible obstruction by the Los Angeles Police Department over allegations of corrupt L.A.P.D. police being involved when Wallace was killed.

“That had become obvious when the name of FBI director Robert Mueller began to appear in the email chain of memos concerning the Christopher Wallace murder investigation. ‘The politics of the case had become mind-boggling,’ said Carson”

Bond, who Sullivan portrays as loyal to former L.A.P.D. Wallace investigator Russell Poole, who founded the corrupt cop involvement theory in the Wallace case Carson was continuing from the Federal side, said that he was not at all surprised that Mueller might have been involved.

“Sure he knew, and I believe Carson completely,” said Bond, speaking of Mueller. “It was not long after this that the Feds and the City of Los Angeles buried the Wallace case, just to be hammered by the Feds in a Federal Takeover of the L.A.P.D. over the Rampart Scandal- which Russ Poole broke anyway.”

“I think that Mueller was keyed into the conversation because of what a civil judgment against the City of Los Angeles for Wrongful Death, in favor of Voletta Wallace might mean to the stability of the region from a Federal perspective. Remember that L.A. Riots happened in Los Angeles over police misconduct. If it were proven that L.A.P.D. was involved in the Wallace incident, the City might destabilize quickly.”

Bond’s relationship with Poole and Poole’s untimely death while the guest of the Los Angeles Sherrif- the subject of many conspiracy theories- as well as Bond’s adversarial relationship with self proclaimed “L.A.P.D. Lead Detective” Greg Kading (the subject of the USA TV Series “Unsolved”) is explored in detail by Sullivan. Sullivan debunks Kading’s motives and his work as the “L.A.P.D. “Operation Transparency” investigator (summed up by Wallace attorney Perry Sanders):

“All he had in the Biggie case was a demonstrably false theory that a four-year-old could have beaten in court.”

“In today’s politicized F.B.I., is justice really on the table? Was it then? It’s clear the F.B.I. is good at hiding the ball when it wants to and the people have grown suspicious of that as they were in the 60’s” concluded Bond.

“If Carson can deliver the goods and prove the F.B.I. had enough to move forward but put politics above justice, then the case needs to be re-opened.”

“Dead Wrong” by Randall Sullivan is available at bookstores everywhere and online retailers such as Amazon.com

“Tupac:187” by Richard Bond is available on Amazon.com

“Tupac Assassination: Battle for Compton” is available on DVD and Blu-Ray, Amazon On Demand and Google Play


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