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Gentleman Jack and La La Anthony Take Over Miami During ABFF Weekend

Gentleman Jack and Omari Harwick have teamed up yet again for the 3rd Annual Real to Reel national film competition, a contest that was created to showcase the creativity and talent of up-and-coming black filmmakers.

In the past, Omari Hardwick has served as the event’s ambassador and celebrity panelist, but La La’s presence this year was a refreshing change in temperature as event attendees were able to witness a intimate Q&A between La La Anthony and host Anthony Rose.

When asked about how she was able to transition from a successful VJ on MTV’s TRL to a respected career in acting  she stated that “it is always great to have people in your corner that can push you along the way but at the end of the day it is about the work. Someone can easily put you in the right position but you will have to perform. When I wanted to transition into acting, I knew that I had to take that seriously. For me that meant going to acting school and being in acting classes. I mean to this very day, my acting coach is still screaming at me. Everyday I just try to get better and improve my craft. The work is  ultimately going to speak for itself. It is great to have people in high places that can put you in positions to showcase the work but you gotta be ready when those opportunities come because they may not come again.”

“Tonight from these filmmakers I know I can expect talent, creativity, and for me its just amazing to be apart of this because I know from ABFF that so many great things come out,” says La La. “You’ll see these great filmmakers down the line doing great things, and then I will be able to say ‘hey, I knew then when’ and that’s always a beautiful thing. And however I can support and be apart of pushing them forward, I will be here as a mentor. I want to be here. I think that’s what all of this is about about and I feel that is what makes ABFF so special.”

Filmmakers that screened their projects this year include Yasmin Neal, Mack Wilds/Greg Cally, and last year’s winner Damien D. Smith.

This year’s winner Rashad Frett’s film “K.I.N.G.” was loosely based on his childhood. “Growing up my father wasn’t in my life. So my film was created to touch those topics and bring the discussion to the table. We need to discuss how this can be changed because this is a systematic problem. I want our black community to know that it is okay to openly discuss these topics.”

Stay tuned for great things to come from all of these amazing filmmakers on the rise.

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