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Published on June 6th, 2019 | by Hype Editorial


R&b Artist Elle Anido Exposes Anyone “Fake” With Fierce New Track

R&B artist Elle Anido has released bold new track “Fake”. The artist holds nothing back as she calls out people who are two-faced through her fierce lyrics and confident sound.

“Fake” is an anthem for anyone who has been wronged by a fake friend or significant other. It combines classic rap beats with modern pop elements resulting in a fun track to blast with your friends this spring and summer. Elle A worked with producer Adriaan from TO after connecting over social media and immediately bonding over similar creative styles.

The charged up energy of the track gives people the courage to say “thank you, next” to anyone that is trying to take advantage of kindness. Elle A is an advocate for standing up for yourself and calling out anyone who underestimates you or hates on your successes.

Elle (born Hélène Suzanne Anido) is a musical artist from Canada whose goals are based on passion and determination. No matter the obstacles that have come across her path, she views as a challenge to prove doubters wrong. Self-doubt is the hardest thing to overcome, but she has no doubt that making music is her one true calling in life.

Elle’s musical journey began at an early age, as she figured out how to play the Phantom of the Opera when she was 3 years old after she was first introduced to a piano. She began to pursue this newfound passion by taking piano lessons, ballet classes, and drama studies in high school. The artist also began to write poetry, which has influenced the songwriting style she has now.

The artist’s musical progression was put on hold as she was afflicted by mental illness at a young age. After facing some of the most difficult struggles in her life, eventually, Elle Anido was able to return to school and continue to overcome the obstacles placed in her path. At her most challenging moments, she found a sanctuary within the creative and poured herself and the pain she faced into her music.

The artist continues to go against the norm and stay true to her unique style. Everyone has an inner voice, a vision, a gift, and hers was music. After writing one song, a snowball effect

occurred as things started moving for Elle A and she began to team up with people in her city performing at shows while building her music repertoire.

Currently, Elle is working on a degree in music while simultaneously working on her first album release set to drop summer 2019. One thing the artist lives by is that girls can do whatever they want and shouldn’t let anyone or anything, even their own hesitations, stand in their way.

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