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Published on August 14th, 2019 | by Guest Contributor


Bahamian Artist Keeya Drops Glistening ‘Bruk Out’

“Bruk Out is my first foray as my fullest self. It’s me owning my right to like what I like”


Keeya, the Bahamian-born rapper, singer, songwriter and fine artist comes through with ‘Bruk Out’ – a shout out to herself from breaking out of The Bahamas’ traditional constraints while honouring complete uniqueness and self-acceptanc.

‘Bruk Out’ is a confident, assertive and gives-no-fucks track, with lyrics like ‘you don’t like it, get the fuck out’showing Keeya’s unapologetic confidence and a firm reinforcement of her need for authenticity. Her unique vocals – which are deeply rooted in traditional R&B and amplified by hip-hop and Caribbean musical influences – are matched by her distinctive style; a nod to the 90’s era and attitude: cool, poised and self-assured with heavy subculture influences taken from her fine arts training and Bahamian roots.

Currently working on her first studio album, Keeya is here to shake things up, encouraging everyone and anyone to live their most authentic lives and break out of the mould. With ‘Bruk Out’ being the first taste of the new, unapologetic Keeya, we eagerly await what’s more to come from this unique artist and musician.


Check out ‘Bruk Out’ here:

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