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Published on August 12th, 2019 | by Percy Crawford


Film in Motion For Boxer, Charles “Duke” Tanner, Who Received Double Life Sentence as a First Time Offender/Non-Violent Crime!

Troy Bly Films, based in Los Angeles, has announced that they have obtained the full rights to the “Duke Got Next” original feature film. In addition, they have also announced that Duke Tanner’s clemency petition is before the Trump White House; they hope to obtain an answer on his clemency before 2020. “I want my movie to be able to inspire other people to not make the same mistakes I made,” said Duke Tanner, the subject of the film. “The judge threw a double life sentence at me, but by the grace of God, I got a second chance at life.” The original film will depict the life of Charles “Duke” Tanner, an undefeated pro boxer who was a rising star in the boxing world until 2004, when he was indicted on Federal charges involving drug running & criminal enterprise. Though he was a first-time offender at the time of his initial arrest, he was sentenced to two life terms. The film depicts Duke’s journey from his adolescence to his rise to stardom in the boxing world. It then takes the viewer on a journey for clemency from his life prison sentence and returning to the ring on his quest to become World Champ. Of special note is the participation of Amy Ralston Povah, a Clinton-era clemency recipient who served 9 years of a 24-year sentence for “conspiracy” in an MDMA case. Post-release, Amy started the non-profit CAN-DO — Clemency for All Nonviolent Drug Offenders — Foundation that advocates for justice through clemency. CAN-DO educates the public about the collateral damage associated with the conspiracy law, and profiles the cases of clemency applicants. Through Povah’s activism, Tanner’s clemency petition is currently before the Trump administration. A copy of the petition can be found below. In addition to obtaining support from heavy hitters in the prison reform system, Tanner has culled interest from some of the biggest names in boxing. B & B Boxing trainer / manager and Top Rank announcer, Brian “Bomac” McIntyre is one such supporter. In addition to being an actor and producer on the project, he will be training the 19-0 Tanner on his quest to become the Next World Champ at Cruiserweight upon his release.

Pound for pound Undefeated World Champ Terence “Bud” Crawford, WBO World Champ Jamel “Semper-Fi” Herring (US Marine) and Top Title Contender Undefeated Steven “So Cold” Nelson have also all committed to the film. Other notable attachments include acclaimed rapper Freddie Gibbs and WWE Superstar Ron Killings [R Truth]. “Duke Got Next” is a Troy Bly Films production. Co-written by Troy Bly and Viacom production manager Antoine Watkins, the film is set to begin production in the winter of 2019.

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