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Published on August 17th, 2019 | by Guest Editor


Kahlil Simplis Brings His Passion to Latest EP Release “234”

Los Angeles, CA, – Hip-hop artist Kahlil Simplis,  just released his latest EP, “234”.  The 6 track EP hosts rhythmic hip-hop sounds centered around the trials and tribulations of Simplis’ journey. His highly anticipated project is a combination of soothing beats and lyrical raw emotions left on the tracks eludes to his upbringing, relationships, and the cultivation of his self-owned record label, Chosen Family Records.

Link to Kahlil’s music: https://soundcloud.com/kahlilsimplis/consistent

“234” follows his hit singles, “Chosen” and “Luv It”. “234” is a significant number in Simplis’ life- representing starting over, transforming, and beginning new chapters in his life. The consecutive numbers serve a continuation towards personal goals, growth and ambitions.

“This number is one that I continuously see in life. I always catch 2:34 on the clock…I made this entire project in studio 234,” said Simplis. “Owning this studio started a new chapter in my life. A transition from where I was before, sleeping out of my car, trying to figure out the next step. So, this project to me feels and discusses the subject of what 234 representation is. Manifesting. Starting over after me losing everything. Transforming.”

“Kahlil is Special. This EP is just the tip of the iceberg for Kahlil and his friend, and brother (Ace Lune)” stated Chosen Family Records Co-Founder, Dylan Joseph. “This EP marks a milestone for us. Blood, sweat and tears go into the music. Sonically, we’re in another realm. This project is just the beginning of a long and successful career for Kahlil and I’m so excited to see him grow into one of the best artists of this generation.”

About Chosen Family Records

Chosen Family Records is a Los Angeles based independent record label founded by Kahlil Simplis, Ace Lune, and Dylan Joseph in August 2018. Simplis and Lune are both artist’s represented by Chosen Family Records. Their passion for the music industry and creative control enlisted the formation of the tight-knit label. They truly embody familial relationships and values based on integrity, respect, and superior results.

The company has since become a unique enterprise due to its evolution and exclusive sounds. They plan on continuing to grow the Chosen Family Records empire and dominate in the music world.

About Kahlil Simplis

Los Angeles-based rapper, songwriter, and producer, Kahlil Simplis picked up his pen the age of 10 writing his on tunes inspired by music powerhouses such as Kanye West, Lil Wayne and Wu Tang Clan. After his basketball career ended abruptly due to multiple injuries in high school, Kahlil discovered the remedy to his pain lied within his music. He transformed his depression and anger into poetry, melodies, and passion which is intricately baked into his unique sound with an uplifting subject matter.

Kahlil’s flare is defined by his hints of his Belizian and Egyptian heritage blended with a sophisticated atmospheric sound emphasizing stories of love, lust and luxury.  With the success of his latest release, “CHOSEN” under his self-owned label, Chosen Family Records, he has just released his EP, “234” available on all streaming platforms.




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