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Published on August 15th, 2019 | by Jerry Doby


The Best Reality Shows Seen On TV

Reality shows are one of the popular show genres in today’s generation. In addition to entertainment, they’re essential because they teach valuable lessons about life and anything that can make people happy. Due to the ultimate entertainment experience they can offer you, reality shows are the type of shows that are so addicting to tune into every week. 

If you’re from the UK and other countries in the world, here are the best reality shows you can enjoy watching on the television. 

1.      Celebrity Big Brother

It’s one of the most popular reality TV shows, not just in the United Kingdom, but across the world. Celebrity Big Brother is fascinating to watch since several celebrities live together in one house for a lengthy period of time. And the best thing about this show is its fair share of dramatic controversies which make the show more appealing to date. 

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2.     Survivor

Have you heard about the Emmy-award winning series Survivor? This famous reality TV show is all about competing to survive on a deserted island for a large sum of money. The show deploys a group of strangers to a specific location, and they’ll join in several challenges to win an elimination immunity and other rewards. Moreover, the most entertaining part of the show is that every member will have to vote secretly on who should be eliminated in the next island adventure. Expect some drama and non-stop competition when watching Survivor. 

3.     The Greatest British Bake Off

Another UK reality TV show to tune into is The Greatest British Bake Off. It’s about amateur bakers who compete against each other in several baking rounds. Their goal is to impress the judges of the show and show their amazing baking skills and delicious recipes. The catch of The Greatest British Bake Off is that one of the contestants will be eliminated in each round. Although the show may have a dull subject matter, it’s still considered one of the most-watched reality TV shows in the previous years. 

4.     The X Factor

It’s one of the most exciting reality TV shows available in the world. The X Factor is a competition show created by Simon Cowell that seeks to find a new singing music idol. The participants are chosen from various public auditions. The show is made up of several stages including auditions, boot camp, live shows, judges’ houses, and many more. The contestants will show their singing talents in front of the judges and the live audience. The one who’ll top the final round will be declared the winner and receive a recording contract. 

5.     The Real World

It’s the longest-running American reality TV series up to date. The Real World is about seven to eight young adults who are chosen to live temporarily in one residence. The participants will live together with the cameras always rolling. The show documents different controversial issues, particularly about substance abuse, sexuality, race, and religion. 

6.     Celebs Go Dating

It’s one of the most favorite dating reality TV shows in the United Kingdom. Several famous faces will try their luck to look for true love. There are dating experts who will serve as matchmakers to all single celebrities. As the participants attempt to find a partner, they’ll select who they would like to date. They’ll be given the opportunity to share their past love experiences with the experts who’ll be there to help them. 

7.     Strictly Come Dancing

Another one of the best British television reality shows that you can tune into is the Strictly Come Dancing show. It’s a dance competition whereby celebrities collaborate with professional dancers to compete in various events such as ballroom and Latin dance. The judges are selected to score each couple from one to ten. Moreover, the format of the show has been adopted by many countries worldwide. Due to its high viewing figures, Strictly Come Dancing has become part of the British popular culture. 

8.     Project Runway

If you love watching fashion design-related shows, then Project Runway can be one of the best choices. It’s an American reality TV show that focuses on participants who compete with each other to design clothes within a restricted time and with limited themes and materials. The panel of judges will assess their designs, and the designers who get the lowest scores will be eliminated from the reality show every week. Lastly, the final challenge consists of three or four participants who will be competing at a runway show.


There you have it. These are the best reality television shows in the UK and other countries that you can enjoy watching. Although there are a few shows that can keep you interested in TV, the reality shows listed above will fire up your watching experience this year

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