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Published on October 31st, 2019 | by Jason Bourne


“From Thrown Stones” author Solitaire rebuilds his kingdom through literature

Part of a trilogy of novels all crafted between 2011-2019 From Thrown Stones is the second in line following The Herald.  A treatise defying odds, persevering to make it to the top Solitaire writes candidly about his time in the armed forces which includes multiple deployments to Iraq during the height of turbulent times.  Revealing his sentiments about failed marriages, drug addiction and hate author Solomon Smith AKA Solitaire pens the truth about his determination and eventual bounce back to the wonderful space he is in now.

Journal inscriptions and real time scribbling fuel the authenticity of From Thrown Stones as he flashes back and forth between early life and adulthood explaining some of the decisions he has made.  The title is a play on saying, “with the stones thrown at me, I built a kingdom.”  The cover has much symbolism represents his life. The tray, and plate representing his career choice primary skill set – culinary arts as well as the overall idea of servitude.
“I served my country, I showed servitude to many friends, family and co-workers.” Lastly the ice represents his Solitaire’s belief that “revenge is best served cold”.
– Solitaire
From Thrown Stones is supported by a theme song, Do It, by Brea Simone. Watch the video:

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