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Published on November 8th, 2019 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


David Ben David, Nyemiah Supreme and OSBS Release New Artistic Music Video Today Called ‘Disruptive Behavior Disorder’

Fashion and music aficionado makes a statement with help of Nyemiah Supreme and OSBS

Sprayground founder and creative genius, David Ben David, has teamed up with hip-hop artists Nyemiah Supreme and OSBS. The track is laced with a chill trap-influenced sound and vibey 80s. The music video was shot in Crenshaw where David Ben David and his crew are ready to make some moves.

The video opens up with the sound of a school bell ringing and David Ben David in class, already falling asleep on his desk. Along with his fellow classmates, the group are seen in the hallways and different classrooms, dancing and causing a scene. As the music starts progressing, featured artist and lyricist, dressed in rocking attire, Nyemiah Supreme is schooling our leader about how she won’t be doing his homework for him. Beach balls are being thrown, bikes are being ridden in the hallways and tagged bathroom stalls and chalkboards reading “I won’t do my homework” in the backgrounds. The music video is one big party, with David Ben Davd and his crew wreaking havoc.

David Ben David: “School was never my thing, I found myself always being distracted by other stuff. I wanted time to be free and creative but instead I was forced to write essays and figure out formulas. I would be burnt out from being at school all day then coming home to do homework. I’ve always asked myself, “Why can’t school be a place for kids to work hard and when they leave, leave the work there so that there’s time for family or other hobbies?’ So I made a song about it!”

The track is written by David Ben David, Nyemiah Supreme and OSBS themselves while produced by David Sisko and mastered by Mike Tucci. Cameos featured are from an array of creatives and icons such as BigU, Dan Rue, Taylor Reign, and the pitbulls were provided by @bossykennels breeding company. The music video is directed by Carl “Video” Verna and production by Creative Minds Firm with the storyboard by Creative Outcasts.

David Ben David is known for his rebellious tactics when it comes to his fashion line, Sprayground known for their one-of-a-kind backpacks, luggage, and apparel. He continues to spearhead the world of street fashion and culture with his contemporary designs and unique collaborations. He’s already made strides in the fashion industry but is ready to disrupt pop culture in a different way with his new music endeavors.

For more updates, make sure to follow David Ben David on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook at @davidbendavid.

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