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Published on November 15th, 2019 | by Guest Contributor


SL McKay Enlists VADO to Share Some “Life Goals” in New Visuals

Semaj Mckay (AkA) S.L. McKay grew up in the Far Rockaway, Queens NY, a place they call the 6th borough. S.L lived in the middle of 6 different projects within a 80 block radius with a crime rate through the roof. As a child growing up, Far Rockaway was a drug infested place. He is the youngest brother of 7 siblings and as a young child he was trying to find a way out of the ghetto and knew money was the key. As he and his family were struggling financially within the crack and poverty era of the 1980’s, he helped his family by packing grocery bags at the local stores and would bring home $25 dollars in loose change and dollar bills.

As he grew he listened to rap music such as 2pac, Wutang, Buck Shot, Mob Deep and DMX, It was portrayed that the new error was being a hustler with fast cash, cars and drugs. Selling everything from crack to prostitution which he thought was a fool proof plan. With local gangsters in competition for ownership of drug users and their money, local gangsters would plot on his demise and even talk about killing him in front of his family because they had no idea that was his family. Everyone wanted to know who the guy was from OV (Ocean Village) side trying to take over the block. This lifestyle decision he made would lead him to leveling up on money and power which eventually would lead him to violence. This level-up would cost him 15 plus years of his life in prison. In that 15 years he taught himself discipline, which gave him a better perspective on life and financial (legal) stability. A couple of years prior to his release his sister approached him with the offer to lead a record label in-which he named Alkatraz Music Group LLC. The name was chosen from two reasons. First, in prison they call Far Rockaway Alkatraz because it’s surrounded by water. And 2 it will represent a dead prison in which he can never return to . He made the decision to trust the process and took on the roles of leading artist, CEO and part owner of the company in which wearing three titles drove him to go extra hard. After prison S.L went straight to the studio to start his grind, and has been grinding ever since. He’s on every platform networking in and has taken giant leaps to begin his new chapter of his life and a legal hustle to legacy.

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