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Who is Nast B?

Nast B is an upcoming rapper that prides himself on being a “Real Deal Individual”. Raised in Olney, Maryland, Nast B quickly made a name for himself in the tri-state area. Nast B was very well known among the DMV while excelling as an athlete throughout his secondary education. While graduating high school and pursing community college; Nast B discovered his love for music and the hip-hop industry. Standing at a crossroads between pursing his university degree or pursuing his music career; Nast B decided to take his talents seriously and has been pursuing his music career for the past 2 years.

Nast B most popular songs include; ‘Moneybag’, ‘Kick in tha Door’, ‘452 Bars’ and ‘Right Hand’. While finding his place in the entertainment industry; Nast B has had the chance to work with established rappers in the industry such as Free Bang Gang artist  Zoey Dollaz. As his presence is growing within his music, Nast B understands the importance of branding his ideas; trademarking his brand the ‘Real Deal Individual’ (RDI).

Nast B is one of the few underground artists to officially trademark his own brand. “A Real Deal Individual is one who is unique and understands the importance of self-love and individualism,” Nast B explained. As Nast B continues to grow; he is more determined than ever to make it to the top of the hip-hop game.

The Hype sat down with Nast B to get the latest news.

Hype: If you weren’t involved in the entertainment industry; what would be your occupation?

Nast B: If it wasn’t in the entertainment industry, I’d get into real estate, stocks, or start my own business fix and flip business. I have a boss mentality, I like investing, taking necessary risks, and doubling my money.

Hype: How has your upbringing molded you to be the man you are today as well as your music taste?

Nast B: The main aspect of my upbringing has taught me is respect. Both of my parents were born and raised in Ghana, so I come from a strict African household. In Africa, respect is a major factor. You treat people how you’d like to be treated, no ways around it. Which is why I approach every situation/ person with respect, and always demand the same in return.
I fell in love with hip-hop at a very young age. Growing up, I would always watch shows like “MTV Jams” or “106 & Park” while my friends watched cartoons. I’ve always had music in my life in one-way shape or form, whether it was freestyling, parties, or a simple pass time.

Hype: If you can collaborate with one artist (dead or alive) who would it be and why?

Nast B: If I could collaborate with any artist, I would work with G Herbo. His flow, storytelling, and authenticity are unmatched. Aside from that, his music motivates me, gets me in my bag, and has gotten me through tough times. He is also one of the few real ones of this generation. Shout out Swerve!

Hype: Are there any character differences between Nast B the artist and yourself as an individual?

Nast B: I’m always humble. When I’m not on music mode, I’m very laid back, go with the flow type of guy. I focus on family and loved ones. Aside from that, I make sure the day to day errands are being handled. But when I’m on music mode, I’m more vocal and energetic. I’m always properly preparing for my performances, always aiming to elevate my skills when I make music, I make sure I understand the business being conducted. Nast B the artist, is overall more active.

Hype: What should we expect from you in the near future? New music/videos?

Nast B: I plan on dropping the sequel to my most popular project, “Capital B”, in the middle of November 2019. “Capital B 2” is going to show my growth as an artist, and show why I should be looked at as the best up and coming artist in the DMV. I also plan on dropping my remix to my most popular track “Moneybag” featuring Zoey Dollaz, before the mixtape. This is my first industry feature so I expect it to do well. I may drop a surprise video, stay tuned.

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