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Published on December 13th, 2019 | by Guest Editor


Anthony ONeal’s “Debt-Free Degree” Makes College Without Loans Possible

National bestselling author, Dave Ramsey personality, YouTube sensation, speaker and financial expert Anthony ONeal has a new book called Debt-Free Degree that outlines how parents and students can get through college without racking up thousands in debt and does it in a fun way people understand.

Debt-Free Degree reached #1 on the Wall Street Journal Best Sellers for Hardcover Business List and #7 on the Nonfiction List.

As the current $1.5 trillion student loan debt crisis becomes more widespread in the media, Anthony continues to shine a light on the possibility of college without student loans. Debt-Free Degree shows you how to cash flow your kid’s college education and what to do at each stage from middle school to high school. It also teaches readers about scholarships, grants and free community colleges. Included are topics like:
  • How to prepare for College as early as the Middle School years
  • Which classes should be taken in High School
  • When to take the SAT and/or ACT exams
  • How to do college visits the right way
  • Why it’s important to choose a major
  • Dipping into retirement funds to pay for your kid’s college

Check out Anthony on Good Morning America here!

Anthony Oneal encourages teens and young adults to make smart decisions with their lives and start off right. At age 19, ONeal was deep in debt and short on hope with no direction of where his life was headed. But after hitting rock bottom, he turned his life around and committed to helping students find and pursue their passions.

Since 2003, ONeal has helped hundreds of thousands of students make good decisions with their money, relationships and education to live a well-balanced life. He’s the National Best-Selling Author of Graduate Survival Guide: 5 Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make in College, and travels the country spreading his encouraging message to help teens and young adults transition into the real world. He has appeared as a guest expert on CNN, FOX News, TBN, The Dave Ramsey Show and more.

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