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Published on December 20th, 2019 | by Jerry Doby


Meet Chima Anya, Rapper and Medical Doctor!

Chima Anya is a London based hip-hop artist/medical doctor (GP) whose balanced this demanding role with a growing rap career. His music is typically soulful, whimsy and filled with rhymes listeners can relate to. He recently dropped his new music video for single “Time”.

“Time” is off his new album No Pressure with New Zealand producer SoulChef. The visual reflects on Chima’s progress since gripping a mic nearly ten years ago. He raps effortlessly about the importance of patience over a beat suitable for any sports highlight videos on YouTube. The song is celebratory and challenges listeners to embrace life’s journey.

The Hype Magazine go Chima to weigh in on a few things!

From the outside looking in, who is the artist Chima Anya?

I’m just a dude who loves music and won’t let anyone tell him what he can and can’t do.

What brought you to the entertainment industry, music specifically?

Just an innate attraction. It feels like what I’m supposed to do, performing, recording, constantly coming up with ideas, it’s just something that comes to me naturally and I’ve been lucky enough to find an outlet for my creativity over the years.

What do you want people to get from your music?

I want them to be inspired, reflect, feel good, dance, laugh and celebrate.

Tell us about your current project.

It’s called No Pressure. It’s completely produced by NZ producer SoulChef. It’s a reflection on how much pressure in our life is actually created by our own actions and once you realize that you can really open your life and have more fun with it. The whole sound of the project reflects this by not really conforming to norms expected of hip-hop in 2019 and by doing that it’s more timeless than time limited.

For new listeners, what song of yours would you pick as an introduction to you as an artist?

The title song of my new album “No Pressure” featuring Zaya. It exhibits the flows, the fresh concepts, the musicality, the hip-hop foundation and it bangs.

Tell us a bit about your work and passions OUTSIDE of music…

I love video games. I’m a big Nintendo fan and also an Overwatch Master. I’m also a medical doctor and still see patients regularly at my surgery.

Last but not least, HYPE wants to know…What’s your CRAZIEST “Where they do that at?!” aka WTF?! moment…

I see a lot of things as a doctor, but obviously for patient confidentiality I can’t really go into those stories. In terms of personally, I was driving down the motorway maybe like 10 years ago. It was pitch black, and no word of a lie, a BMW comes flying over the side of the motorway and crashes into the middle of the motorway. I was on the motorway so I couldn’t stop to see wtf just happened I just looked at it in the rearview mirror and thought wow if I was slightly driving at a different time it may have hit me. To this day it was so mad that I’m not even sure it really happened. But I’m pretty sure it did.

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