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Published on December 18th, 2019 | by Jerry Doby


Meet Rising Producer N.DawsonBeats

N.DawsonBeats is a rising producer with a growing list of accolades. His biggest placement to date has been “All The Money” working with Turk and Birdman. We thought you should get an intro to the young lion as he steadily progresses with his sound and impact on the industry. Just starting out, his work is still impressive and makes him one to watch for 2020!

From the outside looking in who is the producer N.DawsonBeats

I am a producer that had to find his Lane. It wasn’t always easy. When you’re going through the curve, learning where your place is in your career it’s very frustrating learning how to brand yourself and set yourself apart. I started wearing an MPC around my neck for a kicker to switch up my look then at some point got a custom chain made of an MPC thousand necklace. At every show I have it on. So ndawson has turned into an image, branding as far as good production and quality sound.

What brought you to the music industry

When I was a child, same old song, I was born in Sacramento California around all the games. I started hanging out my mom got worried one day she asked me a specific question. What do I have to do to keep you out of the streets. I told her I wanted to be a producer she refinanced her house and bought me the equipment. I was so into producing it really kept me from all the other crazy activities my friends would get into home invasions robberies gang activity and so on there are 40 years of crips in my family my mom wanted to break the curse starting with me. From the schoolyard to the home I was raised in on 29th Street Gardendale road all I talked about was producing music.

You did a piece with Turk and Birdman how did that come about.

I had been going to Atlanta for The last 5 years trying to get relationships with people, building relationships with people in the industry making sure my presence online was presentable making sure when people did look for me they would want to see me again. A producer from Atlanta found my Instagram page through mutual people. One out of a million times this almost never happens. The producer reached out told me he was working with Birdman and Turk, I didn’t have a manager. Spoke with Turk the song came out not too long after. The song was called “All The Money” co-produced by ndawsonbeats.

Do you have a personal project you are working on?

I have a single I am going to get ready to release called “Sex Machine”. Produced and written by me. I got sick of waiting around to drop dope music so I’m putting out singles under my own publishing and working on getting other placements and working on my brand ndawsonbeats.

What joint did you cut your teeth to?

I love good music someone that I am very proud of and love to jam their music is Cardi B. I remember when she first started coming to Dallas stripping in her stripping career she would come to some of the strip clubs I was working at as a cameraman at the time. I remember trying to work with her back then. But I started listening to her music and fell in love with “Gangster B**** part 1. Pretty much the whole mixtape was dope. The joint I go crazy over pretty much is every song she has with Bad Bunny. She started following me on Instagram at some point. Love Cardi B.

Tell us something outside of music

I love to work out that is one of my biggest passions outside of music is my health physically I am well put together mentally as well. I am really big on health pretty much sums that up. I also own a medical company that I am currently working on called Golden med health here in Dallas Texas. At some point I look forward to having big contracts with hospitals.

WTH moment?

One of my craziest moments was an experience in Atlanta. Me and a friend drove a Maserati from Dallas Texas to Atlanta with a friend to meet j money. He was one of the first rappers to pretty much sound like what you guys know as the  Migos. He was signed to a major label but got dropped at some point. Turned into a jackboy at the time convinced me and my boy he was the plug and ran off with our money. That was definitely a where they do that at moment. Definitely have a list in my mind I consider a blacklist with a list of people in the industry not to work with. That was one where they do that at moment I didn’t care too much for LOL.

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