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Published on January 7th, 2020 | by Jerry Doby


The Impact of Music on Casino Players

Music has an impact on people in some way, shape or form, every day. We hear it in movies, video games and even in shopping malls. However, it’s of great importance to casinos. Whether you’re playing at a land based venue, or on the web at a popular place such as Royal Vegas Canada, music plays an integral role in giving the player a great gaming experience. 

One of the first points to consider is how casino operators, both online and offline, use music to their advantage. And to benefit their customers as well. Casinos hope to be welcoming, fun and somewhat relaxing, so, by using the right selection of music, said feelings could be enhanced.

However, while playing casinos games, some of us might become anxious or tense. And this can, of course, lead to their stress levels rising and not being able to enjoy the game. But with the right music playing in the background, it can help reduce the nail biting periods. This will lead to players being much more comfortable and ensure that the overall experience is always pleasurable, especially when punters hit the jackpot! 

Furthermore, if anyone is playing casino games such as roulette or blackjack at a venue; you will often get a feeling for what kind of establishment it is thanks to the music playing. Operators use music to project how they like their venue to appreciate, so, expect jazz in casinos which promote luxury and riches. While other places may go for sounds which enable adrenaline rushes, which are what everyone looks forward to when playing casino games.

In the online casino world, the most popular games to play by far are video slots. There are thousands of titles available and suited for everyone’s tastes and preferences. Top game developers such as Microgaming and NetEnt recognise that music is an essential and crucial tool in an effort to maximise the chances of all game releases being a huge success. With slots looking and playing more like video games with each passing day, it can be argued that music’s impact on those casino gamers who play slots is more crucial than ever.

What you get with slot games is an array of titles which all feature different genres and themes. Therefore, default music can’t be used across each product as it wouldn’t fit what’s happening during the gameplay. Nowadays, it’s become common for the in-game music to not only represent the theme but the ever-changing parts of the title as well. So, for example, if you enter a bonus feature where you can win a jackpot prize, the music will change to fit the mood, immersing the player into the action even more.

Therefore, understanding and appreciating how music in the casino universe works, will substantially increase the experience every player enjoys tenfold. It will also lead to a better product all-round, so, it’s mutually beneficial, for the operator and developers as well. Everyone has seen the impact music has on the video and mobile game worlds, and we are now seeing the same where casinos are concerned. And, long may it continue.


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