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Published on January 24th, 2020 | by Guest Editor


We Are The City Releases Fifth Studio Album ‘RIP’ via Tooth & Nail Records

Today, Canadian rockers, We Are The City, have released their fifth studio album, RIP, via Tooth & Nail Records. The record is available to stream across streaming services including Spotify, Apple Music, and more.

On the album, the band shares, “All threads of the band’s history are through RIP. The pure heart of In A Quiet World. The spontaneity and confessions of High School. The space and emotion of Violent. The maximalism and sonic exploration of Above Club. The furthest edge (so far) of AT NIGHT. RIP is our step forward, but it feels comprehensive. It does feel like a culmination. And it does feel like the next music will be the beginning of a new journey. RIP is a love letter to everyone who has shared their life with us and who has let us share our lives with them. It’s a love letter to our youth. And, most of all, it’s a love letter to Kyle Tubbs.”

Singer-keyboardist Cayne McKenzie, drummer Andrew Huculiak and guitarist David Menzel started We Are The City way back when they were teenagers, and in the decade-plus since then, they’ve used the project as an outlet for their wildest creative whims. They’ve unveiled masked alter-egos (2011’s High School EP), created an album with an accompanying Norwegian-language feature film (2013’s Violent), and staged a live stream of their recording sessions (2015’s Above Club). Now, with the joys and occasional tragedies of adulthood having fully set in, they’ve taken on their latest challenge: absolute, unflinching sincerity.

RIP is their fifth full-length, acting as the prog-pop counterpoint to last year’s experimental AT NIGHT. The Vancouver-based trio created this latest LP by returning to the basement of Cayne’s family home in Kelowna, where they first formed the band. “We went back to where it started, and that was pretty potent,” reflects Andy. “There a few times on the record where Cayne’s almost crying when he sings, and I just don’t know if you could get that in a studio in the same way. It was really capturing an honest and true feeling of where we’re at right now.”

RIP is available everywhere now via Tooth & Nail Records. For more information, please visit: http://www.wearethecity.ca/.

RIP Track Listing

  1. Killer B-Side Music
  2. Song in My Head
  3. Night Guest
  4. Obviously
  5. You’re so Clean
  6. You Can’t Blame Me, But You Can Blame Yourself
  7. God & Man
  8. Saint Peter
  9. Me + Me
  10. Children’s Hospital Ambience
  11. I’m Not Yours Anymore
  12. RIP


Upcoming Tour Dates:

Feb 19 2020 – Dresden, Germany @ Ostpol

Feb 20 2020 – Vienna, Austria @ B72

Feb 21 2020 – Steyr, Austria @ Roeda

Feb 22 2020 – Weyer, Austria @ Bertholdssaal

Feb 24 2020 – Munich, Germany @ Milla

Feb 26 2020 – Prague, Czech Republic @ Palace Akropolis

Feb 28 2020 – Baden, Switzerland @ Werkk

Feb 29 2020 – Mainz, Germany @ Schon Schoen

Mar 01 2020 – Utrecht, Netherlands @ Club 9

Mar 02 2020 – London, England @ The Grace

Mar 04 2020 – Antwerpen, Belgium @ Trix

Mar 05 2020 – Dortmund, Germany @ Tyde Studios

Mar 06 2020 – Hamburg, Germany @ Molotow

Mar 07 2020 – Copenhagen, Denmark @ Vega (Ideal Bar)

Mar 08 2020 – Berlin, Germany @ Musik & Frieden


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