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Published on April 4th, 2020 | by Guest Contributor


Eddie Benjamin Releases Debut Single “Fuck My Friends”

Australian born and  Los Angeles based artist Eddie Benjamin releases his debut single, “Fuck My Friends“. Take a listen to the track, which he produced alongside Daniel  Gleyzer, below!

The track introduces his fiery, flashy, and funky style, and  he personally played every instrumenton the track, concocting the pulsating groove and steady beat, composing on guitar, keys, and bass. Meanwhile, his seismic vocal range takes center stage, leaping from breathy verses into a hypnotic chant. It all climaxes on one last mind-bending bass transmission.

Eddie has quietly become the ultimate “secret weapon” for some of the biggest superstars and powerhouses in the world as DiploMeghan TrainorRyan TedderSia and Labrinth have all called on him to collaborate, entrusting him as a creative voice. He recently turned heads with Justin Bieber, who dubbed him “the next generation.”

Rotating between an arsenal of instruments with punchy proficiency and singing with spotlight-grabbing swagger, Eddie Benjamin brings kaleidoscopic color to popular music. Whether nimbly slapping out a fleet-fingered bass groove on social media or belting on an arena stage, the 18-year-old Australia-born and Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer channels fresh fire through a classic approach. Sparking a buzz online, he initially shared viral covers on Instagram. Long hair draped over his face, he would rock an upright or electric bass and sing popular tunes. After catching the attention of Vol. 1, he translated the “I Don’t Get No Sleep Cause of Y’all” meme into a bop and reimagined Sia’s “Chandelier.” Generating millions of views, these uploads made major waves leading to Sia reposting the cover. Moving to Los Angeles, he found himself in the studio working on major releases behind-the-scenes. In addition to working with names like Labrinth and more, he co-wrote and performed on “Funk” and “Here to Stay” from Meghan Trainor’s most recent album Treat MyselfNow officially signed to Vol. 1 and Epic Records, he is hard at work crafting his proper debut, which he introduces with “Fuck My Friends.

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