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Meet Jersey-Based Puerto Rican-American Singer-Songwriter, Raquel Liane Martinez

First-generation Puerto Rican-American Raquel Liane Martinez was born December 14th, 1995 in New York City and Raised in Union, New Jersey. Her father is an Army reserve and currently is an AV Technician at NYU. Her mother works as an executive assistant in the financial industry and also works in fashion. Raquel was raised in the catholic faith and attended Church and CCD classes religiously throughout grade school. While Raquel has many values rooted in the Catholic Church she finds her beliefs to be very fluid and is open to experiencing other religions. Coming out of a large household Martinez grew up with a very close-knit family and was protected as the youngest by her two older brothers Jonathan, William, and her cousin Katriana who lived with them at the time.

During her early years, Raquel’s father was sent to Kosovo and she spent time commuting with her mom back and forth into the city to be watched by her grandmother in the Lower East Side. The 9/11 attacks caused Raquel’s father to be activated again. She would later commute with her father to an army camp for children on base for the summer  first grade while he worked until he was ordered to leave home to live on base. A year later her brother William became an army soldier and fought in Iraq. Her brother Jonathan followed suit and joined the navy.

Raquel recounts back to her childhood, “Before I decided on becoming a singer I wanted to be a soldier like my dad and brothers. I even contemplated very deeply about joining the Peace Corps. Before committing to college. I think it has really influenced my music because I always go into my writing with the intention of helping people and being of service.”

By the time Raquel reached 9th grade, she became very involved with the notable Musical Theatre program at Union High School and was also a part of the Color guard in the marching band. Raquel majored in musical theatre in college but dropped out her second semester of junior year. To find her footing, she started performing in random shows around the city while working retail and later at her brother’s bus company as an Operations Manager Career:

In 2018, Raquel was auditioning and performing in different shows before she decided to switch gears and start releasing her own music. Working in retail, Raquel met a friend that introduced her to Denzel Wilson, who helped her in the beginning of her musical journey. Raquel co-wrote her Debut Single “So Into You” with Denzel Wilson and later released it with new revisions and guidance from her producer/singer-songwriter friend M. Breeze, in March 20, 2018. She continued to explore her sound with M. Breeze, and on March 29, 2019 Raquel released an EDM single “Circles” Which gained a lot of traction and notoriety in the EDM community. In the summer of 2019 Raquel started attending writing retreats and finding her sound and confidence as a writer. Around that time she had also left her job at her brother’s bus company (All Bus Inc.) as an operations manager to bask in New York City full time. She was able to save up to finally release her video for “Circles” and was working on new releases and busking in NYC until quarantine hit. She used the time to reflect and find herself and wrote her debut EP F.L.I.R.T alongside writers Jessica Lindsey and Bazz Valencia out of her home studio. Throughout quarantine, she released singles off that EP such as Caught Up (Produced by Mixtape Seoul and Vinnie Keyz) released on September 20, 2020 and Work Hard, Pray Harder (produced by band Legal Axion and Jessica Lindsey), which released on June 4, 2021. F.L.I.R.T. Released July 16, 2021 and a week later the music video dropped for “Work Hard, Pray Harder” for promotion.

Raquel Liane Martinez

Raquel Liane Martinez

New Jersey-bred singer-songwriter and R&B newcomer Raquel Liane releases her debut EP F.L.I.R.T. Finding Love In Real Time featuring her hit-singles “Caught Up” along with the music video release to “Work Hard, Pray Harder” directed by Tyler Kubicz.

Aiming to inspire self-love, confidence and living in the present moment, Raquel Liane offers an introspective highlighting the growing pains of early adulthood as well as the reward in finding her own identity and creating her own destiny through her playful melodies and soulful voice throughout the project. Work Hard, Pray HarderJersey based Puerto Rican-American singer-songwriter, Raquel Liane Martinez (born December 14, 1995) Invites listeners into her world by inviting melodies and a soulful voice fan have described as angelic and ethereal. Using music as her main outlet to cope and communicate, she chooses to be extremely vulnerable in her songwriting in order to connect with fans on a deep and true level ultimately aiming to inspire people to be honest and open with their struggles and give strength to overcome them. Some of her influences include Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey, Selena, Whitney Houston, Ray Charles, and salsa singer Hector Lavoe.
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