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Published on June 1st, 2020 | by Guest Editor


Ray Dawn Releases Inspiring Track ‘Flex’

Ray Dawn’s talent in his latest track, Flex, is reflected by the restraints that were once holding him back, now being unleashed.

Even though the current climate has us wondering if a new normality will ever arrive, the Atlanta based artist has gone from studying law to being a part of a competition led by the legend, Common, that kickstarted the career Ray now has. The rapper has been perfecting those flows throughout his life, but had to put his focus into school as his love of creative writing was taking too much time from his education.

Ray Dawn has always had the creative juices flowing in his blood, but after his long break from the music industry, it was time he came back, and he came back with something special.

The new track, Flex, provides melodic beats that twist and turn as frequently as the lyrics do. The one thing that makes this new track so unique is the storytelling. The narratives are created with meaning to them, these lyrics aren’t your typical rap lyricism. The lyrics are all about enjoying the fruits of your labour and enjoying life, but the laid back tones combined with the instrumentals allow for the energy needed in these times.

Ray’s new track is below for all to enjoy.

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