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Jolé Releases Inspiring New Track ‘Alphine Green’

London based artist, Jolé, or as he is more commonly known to his friends, Joshua Oliver, is a songwriter with a message, someone who put pen to paper to write a melodic feel in ‘Alphine Green’.

Last year, Joshua made his introduction with a self-titled album, which was all about emotional writing about the realities of life, but in this new track it’s about a new chapter of life.

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In August of 2019, Josh took a trip to L.A, which kicked off a new form of inspiration that the talented artist had never found before.  His favourite area of L.A, Silver Lake, was a place that means a lot to the Londoner.  A new love of writing music was born here, he even spent time writing his upcoming E.P there. 

In this new track, it follows Josh being home sick whilst travelling, but creating narratives all about soul searching.  The artist has always been inspired by folk, indie and electronic music but loves creating honest and open lyricism to a point where this track falls back on a time where Josh was experiencing love with someone and the idea of not being with that specific someone is a painful idea, but grateful to be with that person in some way. 

His upcoming E.P is honest, but a stripped back collaboration with friends past and present, but in this new track it’s a conversation about being separated from loved ones, like how many people can relate to because of the current climate.

The Silver Lake EP arrives on August 21st.

You can listen to the new track below:

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