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Published on July 14th, 2020 | by Malcolm “A.S.T.A.T.E” Worsham


Sazon De Puerto Rico’s Words Of Wisdom to Upcoming Instagram Models

Do you believe social media is all about psychology and sociology? Why are multinational companies investing so much time and resources in social media branding activities? Well, Sazon De Puerto Rico understands that to be a notable figure on Instagram, you have to understand the interests and social cues of your target audience. Being successful on this platform calls for resilience, consistency, hard work, and a few tricks, that Sazon De Puerto Rico wants to share with upcoming models.

Sazon De Puerto Rico reminds us that social media is gasoline, and your content is the fire. The sites allow us to create communities, each with unique preferences. So how do you tap into these segments? Any model who wants to build their brand has to define their style. They have to find out whether their engagement with followers is meant to promote fashion products, entertain or simply have fun. With this realization, it becomes easy to come up with a fire post, video, or photo that triggers the attention of your audience. Eventually, you have a community that is tuned to your objectives.

With a definite brand, comes the difficult part; gaining followers. Sazon De Puerto Rico has more than 1 million followers on her Instagram page that she has gained since March 2019. She admits that most of them are men who adore her sexy appeal. Sazon De Puerto Rico started by posting random photos and videos on her page before she realized she could do a lot more to get a more substantial following. Aside from using the scheduling feature on her account, she has been liking and following other people on the site. Ideally, there is a high probability that a small percent of them will inevitably follow her back, but she takes her time to unfollow those who are not active on the platform. It is about having real followers who are affiliated with her account because they are genuinely interested in the content being posted.

Consider collborating with other influential personalities on any social media platform. Sazon De Puerto Rico has done several gigs with prominent Instagram models. She collaborated with Anne Moore, a renowned entertainer. By just being mentioned or appearing on the person’s page, you gain more followers because people want to know more about you. SazonDe Puerto Rico insists that there are several ways of doing this: request for an interview with them and take a video recording of the conversation; or go for an outdoor activity with them, take selfies and post them on your pages. Similarly, request a photographer to take professional pictures or videos when you are with the individual. This way, you automatically widen your outreach, and the possibility of winning their followers also increases.

Sazon De Puerto Rico knows that many people are jumping into the modeling industry. It is not an easy venture, but she believes that there is room for everyone, if you are consistent and willing to work.

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