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Published on August 7th, 2020 | by Guest Editor


Premiere: Aubrey Toone Delivers Vocally Stunning Single in “Outrun”

Just released, singer-songwriter Aubrey Toone delivers her newest single “Outrun” available in stores worldwide that’s an symbolic anthem to all of us dreamers in the world. Her stunning vocals gravitate and draw us immediately in, blanketing us with comfort reminding us all that we have something within ourselves that no one else can give to the world. It’s a pledge that no matter where we are in life, no matter the circumstances, we should pledge to ourselves to keep running, keep striving for our dreams; and not running from, but rather running through whatever may be holding ourselves back. To keep chasing, dreaming, loving, despite the demon of self-doubt that thinks it can all come crashing down again. That we can outrun our own feeling of inadequacy, taking what is and has been, and molding it into something more beautiful than we could ever expect it to be. That we can outrun any trial, heartbreak, mistake, tragedy, fear or failure.

“The California sun will burn you if you let him, so don’t let him creep beneath your skin and bones. He’ll come right in and kiss that lovely skin with venom, a tiny taste of heaven for a second. You gotta Outrun the California sun.”

With tears streaming onto the bathroom floor of a 160-square-foot apartment in Santa Monica, California, Aubrey Toone’s dreams were in eyesight, catching the shimmer of sunlight for just a moment and just flirtatiously danced within reach right in front of her. That summer spent in California, a collective group of scattered thoughts spiraled around in Aubrey’s head, challenging who she wanted to be, and who she was. Feeling the depth of inadequacy taking its toll on ‘one too many roles’ she needed to play, the words came in less than five minutes. Writing them down on her notepad and soaked in tears, Aubrey sang through the lump in her throat and could hear everything.


Aubrey Toone is a singer-songwriter, artist, performer, and vocalist. Her unique ability to pull poetry from the commonplace and shape experience into song has created a fiercely loyal fan-base. As of December 2019, Aubrey has seen her Spotify Monthly Listeners exceed over 200K. Her original works landed her three television placements with Netflix Original Series, The Ranch, and one of her other original songs, “He Loves You Enough,” has been featured on a Christian Youth album distributed worldwide and currently has well over 200K streams on both Apple Music and Spotify.

As a member of NSAI and receiving an award in Nashville on March 26th, 2020 for her single-song contract with Anthem Entertainment, Aubrey has become a sought-after topliner in the Pop/EDM world know for her ability to create music that span multiple genres. Aubrey has performed live on Fox 13 on The Place, and ABC 27 on Good Day PA. Aubrey’s recent collaborations have given the opportunity to work with Grammy-award winning producers.

Her vocals, storytelling, and pure tone captures listeners – and at only 21-years of age, Aubrey’s story has only just begun.


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