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Published on August 29th, 2020 | by Jameelah "Just Jay" Wilkerson


Rowe Rowe And His Series Unstreamed

Rowe Rowe has consistently been on the frontline for storytelling and helping the voiceless express themselves. That is why his new script and TV pilot, “Unstreamed” has become a passion project. The logline for the show: “A famous child music producer prodigy, tokenized for his age and humble beginnings, exposes the broken system of the music industry.” The show revolves around a producer who is able to connect the dots to the right people and make a name for himself, only to find out that too often producers, as well as songwriters, are usually the label’s last concern.

At a young age, the producer is signed to a manipulative artist development deal, making him miss out on royalties and stuck in work-for-hire agreements to pay back the label. While the show is dramatized, a lot of the ideas around branding, connecting, and trustworthy management are rooted in real experience. The protagonist of the story gets his start from merely DMing rappers and singers he looks up to at 12 years old, the same way Rowe Rowe would launch his first professional release. At this point, the pilot has been written, and Rowe hopes for a producer to help this vision come to life.

At the core of the show is an important story: educating yourself about every deal is critical, and when participating in a business, you better know the industry.

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