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Published on September 1st, 2020 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Multi-Platinum Rapper and South Africa’s Biggest Star Nasty C Releases “Origins” A Short Documentary on His Journey Home to Durban, South Africa

Pictured in a short film titled ORGINS, multi-platinum, award-winning rapper and producer, Nasty C, takes a trip back home to Durban in KwaZulu Natal where it all started for him. Nasty C was born Nsikayesizwe David Junior Ngcobo in Illovo, just outside Durban. In the 14 minutes visual, directed by Andrew Sandler, we see as Nasty C is celebrated and loved by the community he grew up in, which he in turn has immensely inspired. The film captures the start of his journey, from making music with Nokia headphones in place of a microphone, to performing all over the world.


Growing up in Durban, the home of Kwaito, House and Gqom music, Nasty C carved a different path for himself in Hip Hop. His childhood friend, Bu, used to make music with him and tells the story of how he was heavily influenced by Young Money’s Lil’ Wayne and now Nasty C. Lauded by his friends for his genius, and revered by his community for his impact, Nasty C recalls how he used to cross two rivers from Ilovo to Fakazi to record music.

At 16-years-old, Nasty C released his first mixtape, One Kid a Thousand Coffins, and he never looked back. His most notable introduction to Hip Hop came from a minibus taxi that used to take him to school. “The taxi had proper sound and would play this nice hip hop music…” commented the Palm Trees star. Nasty C later won his first SA Hip Hop award in Johannesburg, not expecting to win but humbled and honored to be nominated.

A Zulu man born to a Zulu father and Xhosa mother, Nasty C takes pride in his upbringing, culture and heritage. The new album speaks to him owning who he is, inspiring a generation of black kids to dream and embrace their uniqueness. In an emotional and nostalgic reveal, the young rapper talks about the emotional scars of not having the support of his father and the void left by losing his mother Ivy at just 11 months. “I didn’t have the support I needed, I could not have the music equipment I needed because my father did not support nor encourage a music career, he wanted me to focus on school…” As a result, their relationship was strained.

Origins” shows a full circle moment with Nasty C as he fills up arenas with his father singing along to his songs. Their relationship has since been restored and brought a new closeness to Nasty C and his father. “I got to understand my father better, I understood that he also didn’t have it easy.” concludes the rapper.  

In the film, his manager Yvette Gayle speaks on his trajectory and growth over the last 3 years. “Last year alone Nasty C toured over 32 new markets. He has had tremendous growth both musically and personally. As he travels the world, and dominates the stage, he embraces every culture and inspires young people not only in South Africa but beyond.”

Junior Lavie, Durban’s biggest concert promoter, shares tales of the early years of the early years of Nasty C’s recording career. He shares the advice he gave young Nasty C, “Destiny will find you no matter where you come from, regardless of your background. Now that you have this thing, don’t forget where you come from.”

In “Origins“, his brother Ayanda Ngcobo also talks about the positive influence Nasty C has on his hometown. “Back at home we see a lot of creatives popping up. I think it’s just exposure and now they have someone they relate to, who comes from their environment doing big things.”

On the film, Nasty C shares, “I always enjoy going home. This time I decided to take my fans on a journey with me, to reflect back on how it all started. I hope my story inspires those that watch this film. I hope that they realize their own potential and have the passion to reach for their dreams whatever they may be.” 

Nasty C, also released his long-awaited album, ZULU MAN WITH SOME POWER viaDef Jam Recordings. The album follows the long-brewing buzz on Nasty C’s major mainstream crossover with fans around the globe anticipating its release. ZULU MAN WITH SOME POWER is available on all digital platforms now.



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