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Published on December 4th, 2020 | by Guest Editor


Samantha Margret Gets “Saucy”

Bay area artist, Samantha Margret is ready to end the year with her witty and pun-filled single “Saucy.” The tongue-in-cheek song about emotions is expressed through endless sauce puns, featuring condiments like sriracha, wasabi, sweet & sour, and more. With the unprecedented year coming to an end, Samantha Margret wanted to take the weight off her shoulders and be reminded not to take life too seriously and write something fun and joyful.

When it came to writing this song, Samantha Margret’s catchy and playful lyrics were both charming and full of personality, making it hard not to smile and dance along. Featured on the track is rapper and fellow San Francisco artist, Son of Paper. This is a must add to your end of year playlists!

“I’m honestly amazed that when I told my co-writer, Eva Snyder, that I wanted to write a song called ‘Saucy’ where all the verses were sauce puns, she stayed in the room. I write a lot of intense music about heavy topics, but humans need balance. That’s where songs like ‘Saucy’ come in handy. From writing the rap feature to brainstorming graphics, this song has brought me so many joyful surprises.” – Samantha Margret.

Her new single blends her typical indie-pop vibes with a rap feature, to deliver a contemporary song that speaks volumes about the complexities of emotions. This sort of lively energy and shift from her deep and more intense material influenced her to create a fresh and entertaining track that everyone can sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Visit SamanthaMargret.com and listen to the single below:

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