Published on August 4th, 2021 | by Guest Editor

Airyen Vay Releases Stunning Music Video For “Love Me Like You’re High”

Ornamented with pentatonic scales, strong vocals, and vibrato trills glowing in evocative emotion, Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter, Airyen Vay, recently released the sunning music video for “Love Me Like You’re High”

The heartfelt song depicts the intensity of an old memory at the height of an emotional rollercoaster, capturing the intense pain of a breakup where the protagonist (Airyen Vay) is almost willing to let go of herself just to make the relationship work once again. With a melancholic theme, the video touches upon the tender moments shared with a past love. Looking for validation that she’s still important, even though alone, the video crescendos to the realization that what she was missing wasn’t a failed relationship, but rather the validation of self-love within.

Highlighting the choices, memories, romance, intimacy, and vulnerability, Airyen Vay shines with a soulful and emotive voice, visually showcasing the sensitivity, the kindness, but also the strength of a woman.




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