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Published on August 6th, 2021 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Fast Riser Sah eth Drops ‘Fire In The Clouds’ Project

Beyond all the different and diverse sectors, music industry is the only niche which connects directly with audiences. Music is a heeling therapy, which has helped millions of people to overcome stress, anxiety, depression and many more. No doubt with the changing time and market demand each sector has bought huge change in working method. The combination of Social media, Technology and digital platform has proved to be a boon for all the sectors. Some young individuals are setting high bench mark in their respective field with their sheer talent and passion. The music industry is one of those niches which has welcomes thousands of new young budding artist year after year to meet the demands of the current golden era of generation where the audiences always wish for more creative and catchy music content. We came across one such passionate and supremely talents rapper and music artist who has spiraled his way to the top in the music industry, Sah eth.

Sah eth is an immensely talented rapper and music professional whose recent rise in the music scene has been simply inspirational. Having completed his education and then starting his own company did not the pleasure he wanted. Soon he decided to pursue his career and profession in the music industry. Being drawn towards the art and craft of music making since childhood, Sah eth knew that the road to success within the music industry will not be a walk in the park. He diligently worked hard to hone his overall skills and expertise and master the rap segment. Today, Sah eth is one of the most seek and sough-after rappers in the country whose popularity has been on next levels. In no time he has gathered a loyal fan base of followers whose numbers are increasing with each passing day.

Some of his massive hits that has topped the charts for weeks are- I don’t remember you, pages, living in clouds, don’t go, truth, fire, victory, dark, Ad an puma, dream big final and many more. Sah eth is currently working on many more projects which are due to release soon.

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