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Published on August 31st, 2021 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


How TikTok Superstar Keemo Kazi Is Leaving a Mark on the Music Industry

TikTok has always been associated with short content that is mostly a glimpse into the influencer’s life, a tiny skit or prank. That’s how TikTok star Keemo Kazi’s career began. However, his unique content and consistency in providing his fans and followers something new and funny every day made him stand out in the over-saturated industry.

With the help of his fresh content ideas, he scaled his TikTokpresence from zero to a whopping 20 million in just a year. However, along with his success as an influencer, he also aims to make it big in the music industry. While maintaining his online presence, he recently also branched into the field of professional music and released 6 songs back to back that hit more than a million views.

He has even built an ardent follower base of 3 million who he keeps entertained with his interesting posts on Instagram. Now he’s adding new-age music to his already thriving career of hilarious skits and pranks! It’s fair to say that Keemo is set to take the entertainment industry to a whole new level.

Venturing into the Music Industry

Keemo has been entertaining his fans and followers for years. His success helped him make a million dollars in a year, retire his parents, and even give his siblings jobs. However, just as much as he enjoys making scripts, he is equally interested in making music that resonates with Gen Z.

He debuted in the music industry by consistently releasing news songs and music videos every month on his YouTube channel, followed by his album Keemo VS. Kazi. Each of his songs resonates with his audience and is applauded by millions.

He is currently focusing on bridging the gap between being an artist and an influencer. Influencers are often restricted to their domain, but Keemo wants to prove that influencers are artists as well who can branch out to any field they’re interested in and succeed.

How His Journey into the Entertainment Industry Began

The biggest reason behind Keemo’s phenomenal success is that he loves his work. Even as a child, he would always try to make music or play pranks on people. He pours his heart into his work and songs, which makes them more relatable and engaging.

Looking back at his journey, he does not consider any of the hurdles that he faced to be challenging. He sees obstacles as an opportunity to level up, and every time he feels bogged down, he looks back at his progress, and it reinstates his confidence.

The journey to success as an artist, as well as an influencer, isn’t easy, and each of these jobs comes with an overwhelming set of responsibilities. However, what keeps him going is his unabated faith in himself and fearless approach. Whether it’s his musical side or his quirky pranks that can make you double over in laughter, Keemo does not shy away from showcasing any of his talents to the world.

He aims to keep scaling his presence and dominance in the entertainment industry and become a pioneer in his field. Keemo Kazi realized his dreams very early in life and now wants to spend the remaining years making unbelievably memories and accomplishments in the entertainment and music industry.

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