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Published on August 23rd, 2021 | by Jones


Katie Wright Tells Stories of Love and Loss On Debut Pop EP ‘kt’

Independent pop singer-songwriter Katie Wright explores the inherent uncertainty that comes with entering a relationship on her debut EP kt, which released August 20. Wright — over the arc of the EP — highlights different stages of love and heartache, resulting in a cinematic portfolio of tracks encompassing the wide range of emotions everyone experiences throughout the course of their relationships. She tells a relatable story with this project, though she has undoubtedly marinated these tracks in her unique artistic essence. kt embodies the singer-songwriter’s unique experience, giving listeners a deeper understanding of who she is while creating the space for people to recognize themselves in this music. The EP, composed of four cutting tracks that stand out on their own, comes together in an unforgettable experience steeped in passion and heartache.

kt opens with the anxious, yet poetic “Should I Wake You” in which the artist showcases her impressive ability to capture the most profound details of her experience through undeniably raw, clever lyrics. This track — filled with vivid imagery, creative production, and intentional story telling — sets the foundation for the rest of the project. Wright follows the feelings of uncertainty and insecurity expressed in the opening track with “Almost,” a dazzling attempt to dance away the unwavering feelings of grief that come from a broken relationship. “Come Back,” the third track on the EP, features artist NICKEY and represents a warm moment of tenderness in which the singer-songwriter re-opens her heart to her lost love. This track expresses more than just missing someone, it is a powerful realization in which Wright dreams of reconciliation and giving this love, resilient and unwavering, an opportunity to start fresh. The artist concludes the EP with the anthemic “Nobody Else,” a declaration of unconditional love presented with catchy lyrics and all encompassing, reverberant production.

Wright uses this project as a chance to examine some of the scariest, most profound questions we ask ourselves in regards to our relationships. This EP nervously ponders, “is this love meant for me?” and thrusts listeners into a perilous, yet absolutely glamorous journey to answer that question. She bravely faces feelings of insecurity and grief, and ultimately revels in the euphoria characteristic of a true, unwavering love. kt is characterized by boldness, transparency, passion, and sensitivity — Wright has undeniably struck gold with this project.

Based in Brooklyn, NY, originally from small town Oregon, Katie Wright knew from a young age she’d be involved in music all her life. As soon as she dove deeper into the world of songwriting and music production, she found herself learning more and more about synthesizers, and found her home in the indie-pop world.

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