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Published on August 12th, 2021 | by Dj Smoke


KxngQuizzle – Ray Charles

Kxng Quizzle offers new vibe with melodic yet aggressive single ‘Ray Charles’ 

KxngQuizzle is an international hip-hop artist who carries a unique sound that always delivers a variety of head bops, melodies, bars and presence. His latest single “Ray Charles” is the perfect example of that. The catchy, melodic, and highly commercial record explores love and heartbreak against a melancholy energy with an infectious groove that truly creates a vibe. Like most of his music, Quizzle uses “Ray Charles” to express hardship in his life with explorations of pain, mental health, trails, tribulations and life lessons. Yet with every moment of struggle, Quizzle said there have been endless nights of euphoria, love, fun, and peaks like no other. 

“My love of music was born from expression,” he said. “I’m good at social settings, but I prefer to be introverted a lot, and through this love of the game and trying to find ways to express myself to people I learned the talents and skills I needed to express myself through music. The way I have lived my life has been ups and downs, like a roller coaster, and my music reflects that. With this song, specifically, listeners will get more of an aggressive rap set against a vibe.” 

Quizzle is quick to point out that he’s first and foremost a fan of lyricism, though he never puts himself in a box when it comes to what type of music he’s creating. In fact, he’s developed an amazing ability to find his own signature sound over the years and run with it. And though he recognizes that it’s impossible not to sound like others in the industry today – since the marketplace is so crowded with artists – he does emphasize that his work ethic and storytelling ability makes him a voice that stands out above the rest. 

“I’m hungrier than most others out there,” he said. “I want to be known for having an influence. I’ve been in it and paid my dues and I feel like things are looking up. But even if one of my singles flops, if it has influence on two people in the world then it has done good. That’s why I want to just consistently keep dropping singles and creating as much content as possible. I’m trying to build a real connection with my listeners and provide them with content every day so that I can cheer them up every day. It doesn’t have to just be music – I have many avenues I plan on using to keep in touch with my fans.” 

Quizzle said he encourages new audiences to check out his YouTube channel to get a feel for the regular creative content he’s bringing to the world, and to check out his new single on all streaming platforms.

To listen to Kxng Quizzle’s music, or to follow him on social media, please visit the following links: 

“Ray Charles” – https://youtu.be/H3RCB-L5RP4 

Tiktok: @KxngQuizzle 

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