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Published on August 4th, 2021 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


The Viral Video “Gotta Get Some Tissue” Made by Tyrone Evans Clark Gets Mixed Reviews On WorldStarHipHop!

It seems like “Gotta Get Some Tissue,” a music video created by singer Tyrone Evans Clark, is not your typical attempt at creating a viral video since Doja Cat’s “Mooo!” (B*tch I’m a Cow) and Lil Nas X’s “Industry Baby” featuring Jack Harlow. Clark is currently an award-winning actor/filmmaker and a CEO at TYRONE EVANS CLARK Incorporation. He wrote and sang the song, and he directed, produced, created the cartoon concept art and edited the video.

According to sources, the video “tells the story of the Tissue Man that goes on an adventure for tissue paper while meeting interesting characters in his made-up la-la land. It covers the time in the world during the COVID-19 pandemic when humans were fighting to find tissue paper.” It is very unique, and his singing and rapping skills are amazing. If Clark had more media marketing around this song, it might even be able to break the internet!

WorldStarHipHop User explained, “Dont hate! This is original and entertaining. Also s/o to the illustrator!” while other WSHH Users felt the video shouldn’t be displayed on the web. Clark is an educated young man who comes from a video game development and acting background. He also identifies as pansexual, and I personally feel that he has the entire pop-star package. He sounds great and looks good on television. I’m sure Clark knew what he was doing before he created the “Gotta Get Some Tissue” music video. The message was very clear and who doesn’t like cartoons!

The video itself on WorldStarHipHop, which has 33,752 views (and counting) and along with tons of comments from WSHH Users from all over the world. Super impressive for a video that only has been up for a day or so. Admirably, to quote another WorldStarHipHop User “Ten thousand times more original musically and visually then 99% of the other drek here.” His video might have potential, it’s safe to say that he needs more exposure and someone to guide him to take his music to another level.

In “Gotta Get Some Tissue,” Tissue Man certainly doesn’t let the idea of not having tissues prevent him on his tissue finding journey. Truthfully, I love anything that makes me laugh, especially when it looks like Cartoon Network – Adult Swim. My favorite moment in the video is when the Tissue Man smacks one of the cartoon tissue characters on the butt during a dance routine. Hilarious! At this point, we all know that Clark music isn’t for everyone, but with a little bit more polishing, he would be unstoppable.

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