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Jim Jones Interviews Earn Your Leisure’s Rashad Bilal and Troy Millings for Ep. 2 of ‘Mining Diamonds’ Podcast

I can’t lie…THIS podcast has the potential to make a real difference in lives. Thus far I’ve witnessed some of the most impactful guests giving out real-world gems without cutting corners in their responses to some amazing questions posed by Jim Jones and his co-hosts Nakia Booth and Beef Jones. In this episode, Jones lays out $500 on the table and gives the scenario of being a kid from the jects who doesn’t want to do the norm like buy a new pair of J’s but want to put the money to work for him…great scenario and on-point responses laid out…Below is the official line on the episode:

UnitedMasters has released the second episode of their newest podcast series Mining Diamonds, featuring hosts Jim Jones, Nakia Booth, and Beef Jones with guests Rashad Billal and Troy Millings of Earn Your Leisure. Financial Advisor Rashad Bilal and Educator Troy Millings, whose podcast series Earn Your Leisure, is described as a college business class mixed with pop culture, drop hints of wisdom and advice for young or emerging entrepreneurs and musicians.

The newest episode, called “Levels To This,” finds guests Bilal and Millings and the Mining Diamonds hosts discussing financial literacy, entrepreneurship, Black culture, education, and more.


On Black Culture: 

“Hip-Hop needs to be its own race, right? We got the human race and then you got the hip-hop race? It’s effortless, it’s part of us. The way we articulate ourselves is how we articulate ourselves because of the race we come from, and that is the hip-hop race. You don’t know nothing else.” – Jim Jones

“I had to learn business but I didn’t have to learn culture because I am culture. That’s just something that you’re just born with. Like [Jim] said, it’s effortless.” – Rashad Bilal

“Traditional business culture puts us, our culture, in a box to be like you need to come from these institutions, you need to wear theses suits, you need to have this on your resume, you need to have all these different things, these benchmarks in this community which we can’t achieve from ours because of the way we were set up. So having [Bilal and Millings] is like a business school.” – Beef Jones

On Education: 

“That’s why our platform became so popular. For a long time people thought that education was only through school, but education is through a variety of different ways. You can get educated through podcasts, you can get educated through YouTube, you can get educated through social media. Technology has changed the whole entire landscape. You can get educated through music.” – Rashad Bilal

On Business: 

“Your brand doesn’t depend on anything else but your brand to make that money, your brand to make that partnership… It starts with your brand. You’re not leveraging that to lose control, the only thing you leverage is to gain control.” – Jim Jones

Full Episode


Photo and video courtesy of UnitedMasters

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