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Published on August 26th, 2023 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Meet M Dot Taylor: Unveiling the Multifaceted Artist

If you’re not familiar with the name M Dot Taylor, it’s time to get acquainted with this dynamic artist hailing from the heart of Detroit, Michigan. Arising via the Final Level Music imprint led by Hip Hop icon Ice-T and his right hand HenGee Garcia, rapper, singer, songwriter, and military veteran, M Dot Taylor is a name that resonates with authenticity and cultural resonance. Currently calling Los Angeles home, he’s carving a niche that seamlessly blends the rugged essence of rap with the smoothness of harmonious melodies.

M Dot recently dropped what will probably become one of those eternal joints, Biggest Fan, featuring two of the biggest names and contributors to the culture, Jim Jones and Maino produced by the inimitable sonic genius Zaytoven. The song is working on 200k plays on Spotify alone after just a couple of short weeks. I’ll go out on a limb and say this is one of the coolest salutes from a dude to his woman I’ve heard since Meth on “I’ll be There for You…” with Mary.

As further validation of M Dot Taylor’s organic rise, he’s been in the studio with super producer Dr. Dre and occupied the stage with LL, not to mention he’s a personal mentee of Ice-T and HenGee. Welp…that covers it as to pedigree, work ethic, personability…yada, yada, yada…!!!

M Dot weighed in on his journey, coming into his own as a man and artist, working with icons and where he’s going…find out Who Is: M Dot Taylor below:

The Sound of Gangster Harmony: M Dot Taylor’s Unique Musical Blend

Picture a fusion of rap and singing that paints a portrait of raw urban experiences. This is what M Dot dubs, “Gangster Harmony.” It’s not just music; it’s a true reflection of his lifestyle and the world he comes from. He seamlessly weaves between rap verses and melodious vocals, giving his audience an unfiltered taste of his reality.

Detroit Roots: Forging Resilience and Determination

Hailing from the gritty streets of Detroit, M Dot Taylor’s life and career are deeply influenced by his upbringing. Growing up surrounded by hustlers who weathered even the harshest winters, he imbibed the core values of hard work and tenacity. For him, the connection between grinding in the cold and shining in the sun became emblematic of his journey.

Guiding Lights: The Enduring Influence of Ancestry

M Dot Taylor finds inspiration in the legacy of his parents and grandparents. Their wisdom and guidance shaped him into a leader from an early age. Their memory lives on through his music, as he strives to be a voice for the youth and a testament to their teachings.

A Defining Moment: M Dot’s Indelible Encounter

The turning point came when M Dot Taylor’s manager HenGee Garcia connected him with none other than Ice-T and Dr. Dre. Meeting two iconic figures across multiple industries fueled his conviction in his musical path. With mentors like Ice T, Dr. Dre, and HenGee, M Dot solidified his presence in the industry.

The Birth of an Alias: M Dot Taylor’s Naval Nomenclature

The genesis of his name traces back to his military days. As a sailor, M Dot Taylor donned the moniker “M.Taylor” on his uniform to stand out from the sea of same-surname sailors. A chance encounter with his chief led to the birth of “M Dot Taylor,” a name that would come to embody his artistic persona.

“Biggest Fan” Collaboration: A Confluence of Artistry

The track Biggest Fan, featuring Jim Jones and Maino, came to life through a desire to collaborate with Zaytoven. The stars aligned as M Dot brought his vision to Zaytoven, leading to a track that exudes sheer authenticity. His Dipset family in NYC, including Jim Jones and Maino, further enriched the project, turning it into a cinematic masterpiece.

Eminence and Endurance: M Dot Taylor’s Collaborative Partners

What sets artists like Jim Jones, Maino, and Zaytoven apart is their enduring impact and continuous rise. M Dot recognizes their ability to maintain their status while garnering respect from peers—a feat not easily achieved in the ever-evolving music landscape.

Visualizing “Biggest Fan”: The Creative Narrative

The music video’s creative direction was entrusted to Will C of Street Heat. M Dot Taylor’s first trip to NYC was captured in its raw essence: the city’s bodegas, neighborhood porches, and futuristic visuals blended seamlessly to encapsulate the track’s essence.

Capturing the Moment: M Dot’s Fondest Video Memory

Amid the video shoot, M Dot found joy in observing the collective enjoyment of those present. From kids to beautiful women, the ambiance was electric, embodying the vibe he aspires to perpetuate.

Lessons in Generosity: The Message Behind “Biggest Fan”

M Dot’s “Biggest Fan” visual and single imparts a poignant message: the significance of cherishing those who support you unwaveringly. The narrative underscores the beauty of reciprocation and the importance of lifting up those who stand by your side.

Healing Through Music: M Dot Taylor’s Coping Mechanism

In the face of personal tragedy—losing both parents—M Dot found solace in music. It became a refuge, a canvas upon which he could depict his emotions and confront his struggles. Through music, he found a pathway to healing.

From Sailor to Artist: The Navy’s Transformative Impact

Serving in the Navy instilled essential qualities in M Dot—time management, organization, critical thinking, and teamwork. These attributes have significantly shaped his journey as an artist, guiding his approach to his craft.

Studio Essentials: M Dot Taylor’s Must-Haves

When he steps into the studio, M Dot Taylor relies on three indispensable elements: his engineer, the calming presence of Mary Jane, and a selection of delectable food and drinks. These components set the tone for his creative process.

The Ever-Evolving Journey: M Dot Taylor’s Artistic Aspirations

For M Dot Taylor, the journey is about continual growth. Each day presents an opportunity to become a better version of himself, a goal he approaches with gratitude and determination, fueled by the promise of a new day.

Keep up with everything M Dot Taylor on his official website: https://mdottaylor.com/


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