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Published on April 25th, 2022 | by richvongod


Meet UK Christian Rap Artist Aaron P’Reach Follow The Script New Single

Kickstarting his 2022 campaign, UK Christian Rap artist Aaron P’Reach releases his latest single ‘Follow the Script’ which is a bouncer and a feel-good UK grime track with a deeper message.  Follow the script is a reminder to the listeners to stick to the script which has a double meaning as ‘the script’ and ‘The Scriptures. This message will resonate with Christians as it comforts them to know that God is the author of their stories. It also reminds the believer that no matter what life may bring, they should stay anchored in God’s promises which are found in the scriptures (Holy Bible). Produced by Westy, who is a well-known Grime producer based in Norwich. Westy recently featured on Jammer’s Top Producer program and is a well-respected Grime producer. This collaboration sits well between deep listen and a workout playlist.

“I overcame autism and now I rap for Jesus and teach in a special needs school”  –  Short Story by Aaron P’Reach

I was diagnosed with mild autism at the age of four. Perceiving the world around me through a peculiar lens, I often felt I wasn’t adapt to learning and understanding things like the rest of my peers. On the flip side, I’ve always had a dreamworld imagination of the stories, visuals and sounds. Then I discovered my gifts and talents in secondary school as a creative; music included. What initially started as a hobby and a confidence booster against bullies became a real passion for the use of rhymes and wordplay.

At the same time, I grew up in a devout Christian household where existing in the world, but conforming to God’s word was strongly emphasized. At the age of 18, all these things came together as I welcomed Jesus in my life for myself and so my lyrical content began to reflect this change of heart. I now consider myself an overcomer of autism, being no longer conformed to the patterns and limitations of this world, but transformed by a renewed mindset (as Romans 12:2, one of my favorite Bible verses, teachings).

Today, I will champion this message in my music and work as a teaching assistant in SEN schools. It’s an honor to be able to invest in the education of special needs children remembering my own background and knowing that they are blessed to excel in life same way as God has blessed me to do. God has written a better story for everybody than what the society offers. Just FOLLOW THE SCRIPT.

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