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Published on May 4th, 2022 | by Saqib Malik


Celebrity Jeweler Leo Khusro, Serving Rocks Like The 80’s

Every artist’s objective is to bring their creative thoughts to life. For them, innovative thinking inspires ideas- the actualized ideas inspire change. Leo Khusro is serving diamond rocks bigger than the 80’s and believes that its magic that most people who have never indulged in the art realm might never understand. Art penetrates the souls of creatives what intelligence, passion, pride, and habit cannot entirely do. As the audience, we only marvel at an artist’s impressions, intuitions, and perspectives. This is the beauty of art!

Leo Khusro is a Jeweler from Houston, formerly known as Leo Frost, who’s been featured in GQ Magazine, ESPN, TMZForbes, Bleacher Report and more. His tagline is “your favorite athlete’s favorite jeweler”.  He arguably the most sought-after diamond jeweler across professional sports realms and always actively seeking ways to improve his reputation. Leo Khusro is inspired by the idea of authenticity in all his life ventures, an attribute that his clients acknowledge. He has worked with renowned personalities and athletes throughout his career, with each engagement imparting new lessons that have contributed to his consistent growth.

He says that the purpose of art is to lay bare all his ideologies and questions that often challenge our existence. In the jewelry business, Leo Khusro has managed to implement this philosophical directive in all his works. His clients set questions that need answers. To find out about their expectations, he organizes meetups with them where both parties strive to exchange ideas on how to come up with a perfect masterpiece. He ensures that everyone is satisfied before the end of these sessions. It is about working in principle with the needs and thoughts of his clients but also an opportunity to show the world his talent.

Leo Khusro insists that the genuine economic value of an entrepreneur’s ventures is their clientele network. He does his best to establish a connection between his creativity and people interested in his services. Leo sold a 48k iced out pendant to Canadian rapper NAV. Kansas City Chiefs NFL player, Jody Fortson, ordered a two-tone custom JF pendant from Leo Khusro. Recently, Leo sold Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow a jewelry piece that captured the attention of many other football players. Unlike other jewelers, Leo Khusro lets his work do the talking, and this is the reason why he endeavors to have a good relationship with all his clients. This is an effective way of getting referrals and new business deals.

Leo Khusro insists that there must be a moral soil for a jewelers’ growth. He has set his foundation on an authoritative premise that astounds confidence and genuineness. This is why he will continue to serve with a sense of finesse!

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