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Published on May 5th, 2022 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Listen Out for Rising Stars Land and Ammo Who Are Revolutionising Folk Music as You Know It

American folk music has always been an integral part of American culture. It was the music that inspired people to cope and overcome their difficult work and finance situations throughout the great depression, to inspire social justice and it continues to tell the story of modern America by Americans. Land and Ammo are re-inventing and revolutionising American folk music using sounds you have never heard to make the music you already know and love. 

Land and Ammo are the fresh collaboration of talented and established artists Jake Hill and Rob Bailey who are transforming folk music as you know it. They are carving out their own sound within the folk genre and getting quite a reputation for their fresh perspective on folk. The roots of folk music lies within telling the tale of America. This ominous tale has become too predictable, Land and Ammo believe the American story should get the energy and passion that it truly deserves. By bringing vigour and enthusiasm back into the industry, their songs truly get the listener involved and chanting along with fellow flag bearers. Whether that be around the campfire, in the bar or on the street you will be able to feel the energy and excitement from a mile away. 

Rob Bailey and Jake Hill have established music careers that lead them to cross paths and become the new dynamic duo of American folk. 

Rob Bailey has had a successful career in music since 2012, having been a member of two other bands including KillRobBailey and Rob Bailey and The Hustle Standard. Rob’s self published albums were a new take on electronic workout music by incorporating aggressive and inspirational vocals — it was an instant hit. Number 1 on iTune, 6 on the billboard charts and 14 on overall digital sales their success could not have been more rapid. They were soon receiving placements on television channels such as ESPN and SportCentre in addition to various television programmes. Eventually landing them a remix with Busta Rhymes that was featured in the movie South Paw. This led to Rob releasing a popular solo album and collaborating with Jake Hill. When he’s not transforming the music industry his many talents have allowed him to excel in many including being a fashion designer, business mentor, entrepreneur, pilot, real estate investor and husband.

Jake Hill, originally from Plymouth Massachusetts, also has an established music career being a longtime songwriter and live performer. After a terrible car accident in 2006, Jake Hill took a step back and looked at his life from a different perspective. He began to follow his passion for folk music and went on to be a part of the band Another Messenger from which his career developed swiftly. Jake’s way with words lets him express himself through his music and incite passion in the listener. His love for music has led him to play live in very notable venues including the renowned Viper Room in Los Angeles, T.T. The Bear’s in Cambridge, private parties in New York City, The Loft in Yosemite, Paradise Lounge in Boston and locally on the South Shore in Plymouth. 

Land and Ammo encapsulates two men living the American Dream who are ready to share it with the world, dropping their first single May 1st 2022. This isn’t something you want to miss out on so presave on Spotify and check out their website to learn more. 

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