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’90s Throwback Concert Brings Us Back to Feel Good Music

St. Paul was home to the I Love the ’90s Tour which featured some of the greatest icons from era that promoted how to get our groove on respectively.  Vanilla Ice, Rob Base, Color Me Badd, Tone Loc, and Young MC showed us that nostalgia is alive and well!

The show kicked off with Young MC proving that he can still “Bust a Move” with his explosive delivery.

Tone Loc was “On Fire” from the start with his bass-heavy voice. Performing his hits “Wild Thing” and “Funky Cold Medina” had the whole crowd rapping along.

Former pop sensation Color Me Badd  didn’t disappoint by bringing their sexiness back performing “All for Love” “I Adore Mi Amor” “Forever Love” and the track that set the mood  thirty one years ago and still going strong “I Wanna Sex You Up.”

New York City’s Rob Base was definitely in the house. Rocking out his hit singles “It Takes Two” along with “Joy and Pain” set the fans up for the headliner  Mr. Vanilla Ice.

“Ice, Ice Baby” “Play That Funky Music” and others brought me back to my adolescence. Vanilla Ice had reminded me and the fans that it’s okay to still love the ’90s. Easy to do when you bring out a Ninja Turtle and other iconic sounds from a simpler time. Vanilla Ice dance moves remained as much fun as they once more. Only thing missing with his parachute pants.





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