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Published on July 18th, 2022 | by Tallie Spencer


AD22 is heating up the summer with new single “Bad 4 Me” 

You know it’s summertime when Toronto artist AD22 steps onto the scene to turn up the heat. The independent artist returns with his freshly grounded, melodic new single, “Bad 4 Me,” out today.

“This is the first time I use my vocals with a different beat and different type of music,” AD22 says. “I will never stop discovering my sound, this is another step in defining who I am as an artist.

Tapping collaborator and co-producer, “French”, AD22 is expansive in his sound as his glides on the slightly high-tempo beat, imposing his will on the record effortlessly. On the experimental track, it’s clear to see how AD22 levels up from the next and is taking his artistry to new heights with this one.

Almost a complete 180 from his trademark melancholic, ambient-driven, and hypnotic sound, AD22 opts for a more upbeat groove, with a more present, kick-drum infectious, and Spanish-guitar embellished sound. 

“I was very composed when recording this record and knew what exactly what I wanted to express” he says. “Everything came to me in a very serene way” he mentions, unveiling the process was largely a product of spontaneity in the studio, rather than a pre-conceived idea of going to record the song. 

“My favorite part was definitely the vibe and energy in the session. This song was not outlined at all. I went to the studio initially with the mentality to just relax, listen to our catalogue of unreleased records and work on the planning of the EP. I had a few friends, and my engineer “French”, he then played the beat,” AD22 elaborates to us.

“I was just enthralled and in a good mind state, and that’s definitely reflected in the track, so every time I listen back to it, it just reminds me of the energy in the room when it was made”

The record is a brief account of AD22’s toxic relationship with love interests. He acknowledges his shortcomings in failing to put in enough work in intimate relationships he is already committed to, and then concedes how he finds it hard to cut ties especially because he is afraid of hurting them. Even so, the production still jumps out as an unperturbed cavalier-like banger unveiling AD 22’s more detached, edgy, and debauchery-engrossed side. His exploration into a more trap-tinged record, with a melodic-spawning aspect speaks to his dynamic talent as a recording artist.

“The main inspiration behind this song is a pattern I’ve noticed in my past relationships,” he shared. “There was always this thought in the back of my head of feeling trapped. The issue wouldn’t be because of the women, the other way around actually. Their personality and idiosyncratic would be superb, but I consistently felt like I was disturbed and confused so I wouldn’t be putting enough work as I should, and it would be very challenging to flee out of the relationship because I wouldn’t want to hurt them, but this song is about acknowledging the thoughts I rather ignore.”

AD22 is lining up an EP this summer that isn’t likely to feature “Bad 4 Me” and his laidback February-released favorite, “Night Shift.” Fans have a lot to look forward to with the T-Dot creative, and can expect a full-length project that he is might or might not be teasing as his “album.”

“Currently, there has been a lot of new music in the works,” he continues. “We are sitting on a strong backlog of records of all different vibes and we’re just working on organizing them, and cueing them for release. There are two projects expected to drop before the year is over. I can’t reveal the titles or much information at this time. However, the debut EP is expected to release in the next few weeks, sometime throughout the summer. The project is two tracks solely focused on highlighting the days everyone looks forward to the most. On the contrary, the second project is expected to release sometime in October. Embracing vulnerability and providing the fans with a much more in-depth insight, the EP highlights AD22’s identity.”

Stream his latest track “Bad 4 Me” below:

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