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Published on August 17th, 2022 | by Saqib Malik


APM Monaco is Bringing Attainable Luxury to American Consumers

These days, brands have to be more multifaceted than ever before to win over Millennial and Gen Z consumers. Rather than focusing on the product itself, the modern-day shopper is much more likely to look to a brand that is authentic and transparent.

According to Digsite, some of the most important qualities that lead to brand loyalty are heritage, efficacy, transparency, aesthetics, and social media support. One company that possesses these qualities is APM Monaco, a family-run jewelry business that was founded 40 years ago on the French Riviera.

APM Monaco has a strong brand heritage that dates back to 1982 when Ariane Prette founded the company. It is now run by her son, Philippe Prette, and his wife, Kika. This dynamic duo brings chic and fashionable from Monaco to its more than 400 worldwide stores — from Tokyo and Singapore to New York’s iconic SoHo neighborhood, APM Monaco has something for everyone.

The timeless jewelry brand has captured the attention of young consumers thanks to its rich family heritage, sustainable materials, and unisex items that are well suited for many different demographics. The French-based brand began expanding into the North American market around five years ago, and APM Monaco has a 45 percent repeat customer rate in the U.S. and Canada — a statistic that speaks to the brand’s ability to appeal to North American customers in a short period of time and win them over. The brand is highly active in California, New York andFlorida, with more stores in other major cities across various states.

In addition to the brand’s success with Millennial and Gen Z consumers thanks to its strong brand heritage and commitment to transparency and sustainability, APM Monaco has also built a strong digital presence online and on different social media platforms

The company has worked with talented jewelry-focused influencers, as well as other influencers, in a wide variety of fields, who seamlessly integrate APM into their lifestyle. One of their most prominent and longest-standing collaborations is with Thylane Blondeau, a beloved French model and influencer that has appeared in many APM Monaco campaigns over the years. Recently, APM Monaco celebrated their 40th anniversary in tandem with the glamorous Monaco Formula One Grand Prix, where Blondeau and YouTuber Lena Situations attended the star-studded event and captured stunning content for social media.

Interestingly enough, APM Monaco has been able to garner more public awareness for the brand as well as viral social media moments with methods that do not explicitly lean into social. Due to the strength of the brand’s name, as well as its quality product roster, APM Monaco has emerged as a favorite of many Hollywood costume designers and wardrobe specialists. To this point, APM Monaco’s jewelry was prominently featured in the second season of Netflix’s wildly popular show, “Emily in Paris.” As the actors and actresses of the show continue to sport APM Monaco pieces on the press tour.

APM Monaco also partners with culturally relevant events to drive authentic social media engagement. APM Monaco explicitly focuses on the popular American Music Festival, Coachella as the festival is known for inspiring creative outfits. APM Monaco’s vibrant and playful pieces from their Festival and Meteorites were spotted at the event. As a fashion jewelry innovator, the APM Monaco brand will be present across the four major Fashion Weeks. This year, the APM Monaco team plans to continue its public appreciation for the important stylists that are largely responsible for the success of the various Fashion Week events with a large dinner for the stylists.

As APM Monaco continues to evolve and expand further into the American market, be sure to visit APM Monaco’s website.


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