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Published on April 6th, 2023 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Runway Waiters: The Model Staffing Agency That Every Events Company Is Hiring to Impress Their High-End Clientele

A luxury event demands more than what we have become accustomed to with ordinary events. You need to hire top-notch service providers from the best event planning organizers. Runway Waiters is a world-class event planning agency that has exceeded the expectations of many by employing a group of skilled and beautiful personnel to provide the best image for your event. The agency has transformed the events industry and made headlines with its unmatched staffing and services.

Runway Waiters

Runway Waiters is a luxury staffing agency passionate about providing unique and memorable events. The event staffing agency works exclusively with top agency models who serve as party staff, adding flair and vibrancy to your event. The models are highly trained to give your event a luxurious feel. Some model agencies that work with Runway Waiters include IMG Models, Elite Model Management, NEXT Management, and Ford Models.

Aside from beautiful models working as promotional models, and brand ambassadors, Runway Waiters believe that the real beauty lies in the details of the event. The agency’s team covers every aspect of your high-end event, from mood lighting and décor to your promotional and marketing needs. The cater waiters and waitstaff are perfectionists who perform their tasks diligently. They believe that client satisfaction should always come first, so their staff works around the clock to meet and exceed their clients’ expectations.

A brand’s image plays an essential role in the growth of a business. Runway Waiters will help boost your image by working with qualified models as brand ambassadors. They make sure the models understand your product and work to promote your business in every opportunity they have to interact with clients. Runway Waiters’ models bring charisma and class to your event and can quickly adapt to your needs. Their event staffing services include in-store services, event staff, catering staff, promotional staff, hot bartenders, event planners, and street teams.

A trendsetter in the events industry, Runway Waiters brings promo models to your everyday event, bridging the gap between the models and the community. Due to their professionalism and level of excellence, they have worked with well-renowned brands, including Ralph Lauren, Tom Ford, Versace, YSL, Fendi, Armani, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bently, and more.

Runway Waiters know the significance of holding a grand event that will create a lasting memory for your guests. They work with lovely staff as the face of your event and give you access to their website to choose the events staff who can serve, bartend, promote, or greet your guests at your event. As a top-notch staffing company in the US, Runway Waiters ensures their models are professionally trained to handle your event in the best way possible.

Runway Waiters believe working with the models allows them to add an extra dimension to events, and it benefits their staff, too—they get to meet prominent people who can help them achieve their dreams. In addition, the models leave the events transformed personally and professionally.

In the future, Runway Waiters envisions itself growing internationally and becoming the go-to company for all high-end events. They aspire to become synonymous with model staffing and be the only company that both models and event professionals think of when they have events. Their ultimate goal is to expand Runway Waiters to the rest of the USA and even across the world.

Check their website for more information: https://www.runwaywaiters.com/



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