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Published on May 5th, 2023 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


DDJ Milkyway: A Young DJ Breaking Through

According to the view of DJ Milkyway, when it comes to pursuing dreams, many people use their age as an excuse. Yes, it sounds corny, but it’s the mere reality. If a person thinks he is too young to make a difference just remember, Justin Bieber was discovered at the mere age of 13 by a talent manager and released his debut album shortly after becoming famous. Or if a person thinks he is too old to pursue his dreams, then he must consider Robert Downey Jr., who played Iron Man in the Marvel movies beginning at the age of 43 and became a sensation overnight.

There are numerous examples of great people who achieved notable success in the early or late stages of their lives. So, one must never give up in order to achieve the dreams and become a source of inspiration for others. Anyone and everyone is capable, but only those who pursue their goals, shine. Similar is the example of a young man from Levittown, Pennsylvania, who has become a true inspiration at just the age of 13. 

Dylan Joseph Feszko, born on July 19, 2002, in Bristol, Pennsylvania, is best known as @ddjmilkyway on social media and DJ Milkyway in the public eye. He is a traveling DJ/MC, music producer, artist, entrepreneur, and soon-to-be model. He attended Walter Miller Elementary School and played basketball, soccer, and baseball, but after graduating from Carl Sandburg Middle School, he focused more on his grades. With the extra time away from sports, he discovered a new hobby that later became his full-time job. 

At the age of 13, Feszko decided to pursue his dreams, and with the support of his family, he founded Milkyway Music Enterprise, his own entertainment company. His first major event occurred at Carl Sandburg Middle School, where he performed in front of his teachers and peers at his middle school graduation. They were astounded by his command of the microphone and mix and this event proved out to be a watershed moment for ddjmilkyway. 

He later joined Neshaminy High School as an anchor and became an important part of the morning announcements. This event helped him improve his microphone skills as well as his confidence when performing live on camera in events. After announcing on the air, “Good morning, my name is DJ Milkyway, bringing you the latest news you need to know about Neshaminy!” all of the teachers and students knew him as DJ Milkyway. He studied music theory, choir, and music production in order to become the refined artist that he is today. He completed the Dual Enrollment program at Neshaminy High School while also attending Bucks County Community College in his senior year, but after graduating from Neshaminy High School in 2021, he decided not to attend college and instead pursue his passion as a professional DJ/MC and grow his business. As ddjmilkyway traveled from county to county and state to state, he performed at schools spreading messages of encouragement to the children and teens, creating lasting memories for students. 

With the help of his parents, ddjmilkyway founded the entertainment company Milkyway Music Enterprise (MME) LLC, when he was just 13 years old. Milkyway Music Enterprise (MME) LLC provides engaging DJ/MC talents, photo booths, photography, and videographers, as well as additional add-on enhancements for school events, weddings, and private parties. Throughout the year, the company organizes and assists in the planning of various types of events for its clients. 

MME is a year-round full-service entertainment company. It takes pride in providing memorable and immersive experiences for all of its clients and guests. Customers from Pennsylvania to Delaware, New Jersey, and New York have expressed their satisfaction with the company. It is also fully insured and has a State Tax ID for non-profits. MME’s mission is to provide the highest level of service at an affordable price by creating healthy environments for partygoers and utilizing talents and experienced professionals to create experiences that exceed the average expectation. 

Other than his DJing business, ddjmilkyway is an aspiring Indie Rock musician who debuted in the music industry on November 30, 2022, with the release of his first single “Golden Flas.” Planning an event is one thing, but finding the right experts to help you create a safe environment for your guests to let loose on the dance floor requires a special skill and ddjmilkyway has become the master of it. He recently announced that he will be contacting modeling agencies to model clothing and other items. 

With his constant drive and persuasiveness, ddjmilkyway was the youngest recruit to graduate from the Police Youth Academy in New Jersey in 2015. Without a doubt, his drive to succeed in business, music, and other fields at such a young age has demonstrated to the world that success is not limited by age and those who use their time wisely to develop skill sets and pursue their passions definitely achieve greater things.

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