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Published on June 9th, 2023 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


‘Lil Homie’ Hits Top 100 on iTunes Charts with Futuristic, B Martin, Thorb!

Futuristic’s highly anticipated studio album, “We Made It,” delivers an electrifying collaboration with the release of “Lil Homie.” This standout track features the combined talents of Futuristic, B Martin, and Thorb, propelling the song to the top 100 hip-hop charts on iTunes. With impressive backgrounds and captivating verses, these artists have crafted a powerful anthem that resonates with hip-hop enthusiasts worldwide.

Lil Homie

B Martin, a veteran musician, and entrepreneur in the music industry, has achieved remarkable success in his career, accumulating over 100 million streams on his catalog. Collaborating with renowned artists such as T-Pain and Cory Gunz, B Martin adds Futuristic to his list of legendary collaborators. As the owner of Purpose Driven Records, B Martin’s highly committed to artist development. He not only provides hit-making songwriting and production services but also nurtures artists from their initial stages all the way to providing major label-level organic marketing campaigns to propel their careers to new heights.

Futuristic, the owner of Indie Amplify, has revolutionized the music scene with a platform that empowers musicians and artists with A-List artist resources at a budget-friendly cost. As a pillar in the industry, Futuristic’s viral content creation techniques have garnered him a cult-like following. Extensive collaborations, including NF, Chris Webby, and Dizzy Wright along with his 1000’s sold out shows worldwide establish his status as one of the greats. Additionally, through his “Support the Homies” initiative, Futuristic manages a roster of superstars, nurturing the talents of incredible artists like Michael Minelli, Pertinence, Kanon, and more. Futuristic also gives back monthly with an opportunity for up-and-coming artists to collab with him. “Lil Homie’s” chart-topping success is a prime example of what could come from an artist entering his competition. With his impressive achievements and unwavering commitment to giving back to his music community, he leaves you amazed, wondering, “How does he accomplish it all?”

Thorb, an exceptional artist featured on “Lil Homie,” is a super dynamic artist who’s collaborated with Wale and gotten major placements on artists such as French Montana. With a distinctive voice and remarkable lyrical wordplay, Thorb has garnered a dedicated fan base of over a quarter million active TikTok followers and over 10 million views in 4 short months. His inclusion in the track adds depth and artistry that elevates “Lil Homie” to new heights.

The central theme of “Lil Homie” revolves around self-improvement and personal growth. The song encourages listeners to focus on their own weaknesses rather than seeking to expose the flaws of others. Each artist delivers powerful verses that captivate the attention of any hip-hop enthusiast, resonating deeply with individuals on their journey toward success.

The impact of “Lil Homie” is evident as it climbs the charts, securing a spot at #67 on the hip-hop charts on iTunes. This recognition highlights the track’s broad appeal and its ability to connect with a wide audience. With infectious beats and thought-provoking lyrics, “Lil Homie” serves as an anthem for hip-hop lovers, showcasing the immense talent and collaborative artistry of Futuristic, B Martin, and Thorb.


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