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From the Block to the Boardroom, Reintroducing Rockett

If you were in the music industry around 2007-2009, you couldn’t deny the buzz of a young artist from California named Roccett. With a fierce true-to-life rhyme style, projects with mega DJs like DJ Whoo Kid, DJ Scream, DJ Ill Will, and DJ Drama, and a highly respected manager in his corner named Rick Edwards, Roccett was undeniably the next big artist! He was named the unsigned hype by The Source and got the attention of Jeezy and for a while was signed to CTE. If you attended any music conference in the country, especially in the south or big weekends like the B.E.T Awards you would see Roccett and Rick networking. His Roccett TV was ahead of its time and was filled with visual highlights of his life and music videos for his fans. You would see him spotlighted on The Hype Magazine and on the cover of Ozone, and you could even open up a XXL and see Roccett in a full-page spread for Makaveli clothing. You just couldn’t deny his presence, talent, and rise to the top…and then, without warning, he was gone.

So where has he been? Over the past several years, now using his last name’s correct spelling of Rockett, he has pivoted from making music for the streets to sitting in boardrooms negotiating contracts and handling everything for his clients behind the scenes as a manager and consultant. His client list ranges from Professional Athletes to Actors as well as brands like Sorry I Was Trapping. Rockett also handled primary management for a couple of years for actor Demetrious Flenory Jr aka Lil Meech, the star of the hit series B.M.F and has been credited as an associate producer on projects as well.

And so, in the process of Reintroducing Rockett, he sat down for an exclusive interview with AllHipHop co-founder Chuck Creekmur and DJ Thoro and talked about his past, present, future, and evolution. Rockett also discussed his unique relationship with 50 Cent and stressed the importance of guidance to this generation. The interview gives insight into Rockett’s early journey in hip-hop, the origin of his ties to BMF to his now behind-the-scenes work and how using his experiences as an artist helped him to become a highly sought-after manager. With solid relationships that span well over almost two decades, street smarts mixed with corporate knowledge, this businessman is definitely on a new level of his incredible journey.

Photo Credit: Blu3 of @Blu3visions
Rockett on IG: @BMF.Rockett

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