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Published on October 24th, 2023 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Candy Mizzay: Inspiring Through Music and Social Work

Hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, Candy Mizzay is a multi-talented artist with a unique blend of college life, social work, and a growing music career. In this article, we will delve into her journey, her inspirations, and the remarkable impact she has on those around her.

Candy Mizzay’s musical journey began when she was just 13 years old. While she initially dabbled in music as a hobby, she has recently taken her craft more seriously, leaving ample room for growth and evolution. This dedication to honing her skills is evident in her rapid rise. “One For Me” marked her debut in the music scene. It was the first step in a promising career, and the track quickly garnered attention.

Candy Mizzay credits her inspiration to none other than the renowned artist Drake. His emotional and versatile style has left a significant imprint on her work, guiding her approach to rap and hip-hop. With a genre that resonates with countless listeners, Candy Mizzay has found her calling in the world of rap and hip-hop. Her lyrics and flow reflect her passion for this genre. While her network has enabled her to collaborate with several small artists, Candy Mizzay aspires to collaborate with a legend like Drake. Her ambition to work with the best in the industry is clear, and it’s this drive that propels her forward.

Candy Mizzay is currently not signed to any label, but she aims for a record deal. Her independence allows her to shape her music according to her vision and maintain creative control. Her friends play a significant role in her journey. Their genuine support and enthusiasm when she shares her music show the love and encouragement she receives from her inner circle. Candy Mizzay takes pride in writing her own material and conceptualizing her music videos. This hands-on approach reflects her commitment to her craft.

Candy Mizzay’s love for rap and hip-hop is evident, but she also has an appreciation for slow R&B, showing her diverse musical palette. Currently, Candy Mizzay is hard at work on both an album and an EP, promising more heartfelt and engaging music for her fans. Her latest release, “Toxic Soul Tiesz,” was inspired by a complicated relationship and a broken heart. This track is a testament to her ability to channel her emotions into her music.

Candy Mizzay’s fans can eagerly await her upcoming songs “No Rulesz” and “Bad Bxtch,” which are in the finalization process.One of her dreams is to perform in Italy, a place she envisions as the perfect setting for her music.Despite her growing popularity, Candy Mizzay recalls performing for around 10 people, reminding us that even the biggest artists had to start somewhere.

When asked about who she’d like to tour with, Candy Mizzay emphasizes the importance of a genuine, down-to-earth artist as her ideal tour companion. Candy Mizzay’s music is produced by various individuals, highlighting her ability to adapt to different styles and sounds. In five years, she sees herself still making music, continuing to share her experiences and emotions through her art.

Candy Mizzay’s journey from college student and social worker to a burgeoning rap and hip-hop artist is an inspiring one. Her passion for music and dedication to her craft, combined with her authenticity and ambition, make her a figure to watch in the music industry. To enjoy her music and stay updated on her journey, you can listen to Candy Mizzay on Spotify. With a promising future ahead, Candy Mizzay is poised to inspire and connect with fans around the world through her music.


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