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Published on October 3rd, 2023 | by Ralph Okobz


JIG LeFrost Impresses With His Latest Masterpiece “Once In A Blue Moon: Have You Seen Me?”

JIG LeFrost has released a new project called Once in a Blue Moon: Have You Seen Me? This project showcases LeFrost’s ability to find beauty in the complexities of life through his lyrics, connecting with listeners on a deeper level. LeFrost has performed alongside notable acts such as Blvck Svm, The Good Perry, Maxo Kream, Billie Eilish, and TI.

He has also collaborated with successful producers like Juberlee and Sims Cashion. Once in a Blue Moon: Have You Seen Me? showcases LeFrost’s versatility as a songwriter and lyricist, presenting a range of captivating instrumentals. Whether it’s the energetic opener “round the world (Intro)” or the melodic “WHY?”, LeFrost demonstrates his ability to adapt to different musical styles. The ethereal sound of “dream girl” stands out as a project highlight, with its celestial keys and percussion complementing LeFrost’s powerful vocals.

The project continues to explore this futuristic theme through standout tracks like “DO YOU COPY” and “period”. Once in a Blue Moon: Have You Seen Me? is another example of JIG LeFrost’s innovative approach to music, offering a mesmerizing and vibrant listening experience. Take a moment to give it a listen. Connect with the artist here.

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